American Legion post 75 hosts Memorial Day program, honors Dollar

Published 3:26 pm Monday, May 29, 2023

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On Monday, American Legion Post 75 hosted its first Memorial Day program in honor of late veteran Randy Dollar. 

“Dollar was a friend, a member of Post 75 and a former Marine. He has been transferred to Post Everlasting. and it’s with great pleasure that we can honor him as one of our fallen comrades today,” Post Adjutant Tania Griffin said. 

Post Commander Charlie McCamey said it was great that they could come and give honor and homage to their fallen comrade at his enteral resting place. 

“Memorial Day means a whole lot for the sacrifices that most have given and still are serving. We give salute to them all as we remember them on this day,” McCamey said. 

In honor of the occasion, Dollar’s grandson, Sergeant Michael Nolen, gave a few words about his grandfather and what Memorial Day means to him as a veteran. 

“We are here to celebrate today are those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, those who have given their last breath for each and every one of us who call this place home. These brave men and women can never be given enough praise and thanks for what they have done,” Nolen said.

“There are many mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, extended family, and friends who do their duty every day to ensure their loved one is remembered. Today along with these men and women, we also honor the families of those lost, for you bear a burden that only you can comprehend. We are grateful for the support you gave them so they could carry out the mission of protecting the rest of us.” 

Nolen said he feels as citizens it’s our responsibility to remember the Nation’s brave fallen men and women. 

“Whether they died on foreign lands in the heat of battle or after a lifetime in the uniform, never forget the men and women who know all too well the cost of our freedom, for their service to this country is the greatest gift of all,” Nolen said.  

Many veterans in attendance held the same sentiment as Nolen.

“It’s wonderful that we can honor people who’ve literally given us a future. If we don’t know where we came from, how could we know where we’re going? The veterans who have made sacrifices for our country over the years have given us a legacy that we honor,” Sergeant of Arms Charles Barnes said.

Sergeant of Arms Tommy Rushton said to celebrate Memorial Day means to remember those who would otherwise be forgotten. 

“Sometimes our fallen ones are forgotten about and it breaks your heart — people do forget and that’s why it’s so important that we make the effort to remember our comrades on this day,” Rushton said.