OUR VIEW: Sad to see Coca-Cola facility go

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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After serving the West Point community for 50 years, the West Point Coca-Cola sales center is set to close its doors on June 16. While the news may be met with some nostalgia and a sense of loss, there is a silver lining in this transition. The company has announced its plan to donate the land and facility to the city of West Point, paving the way for new possibilities and potential growth for the community.

The decision to donate the property demonstrates Coca-Cola’s commitment to the city and its residents. By giving the facility to West Point, the company is providing a valuable asset that can be repurposed for the benefit of the community. This act of generosity should be commended, as it presents an opportunity for local leaders to shape the future of the city in a meaningful way.

While the city has yet to finalize its plans for the property, Mayor Steve Tramell’s statement reflects the cautious optimism and thoughtful approach required for such an endeavor. It is essential to consider the diverse needs and interests of the community before settling on a specific plan. The mayor’s willingness to explore various options is a testament to the dedication of West Point’s leadership to make informed decisions that will benefit the city as a whole.

The donation of the facility, which has been valued at over $1 million by the company, is a substantial contribution to West Point’s future. With careful planning and strategic thinking, this property can become a catalyst for economic development, job creation, or community-oriented initiatives. The possibilities are endless, and it is crucial to involve the public, local businesses and organizations in the decision-making process to ensure that the chosen purpose aligns with the community’s needs and aspirations.

It is also important to recognize Coca-Cola’s longstanding support for the West Point community.

The closure of the West Point Coca-Cola sales center may be seen as the closing of one door, but it opens up an array of possibilities for the community. The future use of this donated facility should be carefully considered, and the decision-making process should involve the input of the community members.