Three LaGrange College students land internships with Atlanta professional sports teams

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Three LaGrange College students — Carmen Hamilton, Slade James and Eddie Montgomery — are preparing for life in the sports world post-college. When people think about sports organizations and teams, they think of the players and the coaches that are the center of attention on game day. Rarely do people think about all the people that make game days and seasons possible. 

These three local college students are going to be a part of that game day experience if you decide to attend an Atlanta Braves or Atlanta Falcons game this season. 

“The college offered us a chance to go to a job fair at Mercedes Benz (Stadium) in February and talked with the people from the Falcons and gave them my resumé and then two months later I got an email about this opportunity,” Montgomery said. 

The three will have vastly different intern experiences, however. While Montomgery and Hamilton will have roles with the Falcons and Mercedez Benz, James — a LaGrange College baseball player — will be interning this summer with the Braves.

“I will be a member of the game day staff, so I will be working on things like hospitality for suites,” James said. “I will be working some games with guest services for the Delta High Club, the Truist Club and stuff like that.”

James will be working practically every home game starting on June 15.

To get this opportunity is in a lot of ways, a lifelong dream for James, who has idolized the Braves since he was a young boy first picking up a bat and ball. 

“I’ve played baseball my whole life, and baseball is my first love,” James said.

Montgomery’s interest in sports runs just as deep as James. He grew up just 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta and dreamed of working for the Falcons in some capacity.

“When I heard about this opportunity, I knew it was right for me because I could get my foot in the sports world while still doing the things that I love to do,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery’s role is centered around social media and marketing. He will be a college brand ambassador, where he will be helping market ticket sales on campus.

He has already started his internship that will last until the completion of the NFL calendar year in February, but it will not really pick up until August when the NFL preseason games will be played. 

Hamilton will also be working in the marketing department for the Falcons starting in a little over a week’s time, but her role will be in a completely different capacity than Montgomery’s. 

“I’ll be working on marketing events we have going on this summer and helping update and do prep for their upcoming season,” Hamilton said. “I will be doing mentorship sessions with members of the Falcons, Atlanta United and Mercedes Benz Stadium.

“It will be a broad role for sure.”

Hamilton wanted to work on the more corporate side of the sports world. She recently added sports management as a minor as she gets ready to go through her senior year in college. Hamilton saw this internship as the perfect opportunity to expand her resumé and prepare for the not-too-distant future. 

“I am really hoping to be in the corporate space and really expand my marketing skills,” Hamilton said. “I’m looking forward to making some connections and really getting my foot into the marketing world.”