Dear Darling set to perform at Pure Life on Saturday

Published 7:00 am Saturday, June 10, 2023

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On Saturday, the multi-genre Dear Darling is set to hit the stage at Pure Life House of Music at 7:30 p.m.

Comprised of Natalie Hagwood, Casey Lipka and Hannah Jane Kile, the Sacramento-based trio is a jazz, folk, classical and pop band. Dear Darling’s vocals are described as a combination of Joni Mitchell and the late 1960s.

Maggie McDonald, Pure Life Studios owner, said the trio is a fantastic group and will make for a great night filled with great music.

“I’m always excited when a group comes out to perform at Pure Life. As many requests as I get, I do homework and decide if they’re a fit — not everybody who reaches out comes — but when I do say yes to a group, it’s because I believe they’re going to be a fantastic night,” McDonald said. “With their harmonies, that is just beautiful, accompanied with the bass, cello and guitar, it’s going to be great.”

McDonald said the group sought her out to Pure Life to perform. 

“Typically ,singer/songwriters are on a circuit, and they watch each other perform. When they hear of a new venue, they’ll reach out if they like who has played there previously,” McDonald said. “It’s interesting because there’s a specific group that follows singer-songwriters in this type of this genre of music. You get its own little group of it within itself because it’s an intimate concert.”

With the concert approaching, McDonald said ticket sales have been steady.

“Ticket sales have been okay for Dear Darling. They’re new in the area and sometimes it takes two or three times for them to come through to get a following in the area,” MacDonald said. “There are some that have been instant — like I’ve had some older guys that have been Grammy winners in the 90s, and they’ll be a sellout. But young singer-songwriters that are just up and coming and starting have to build their audience, and they’ll go from town to town.”