LETTER: County’s trash decision hurts senior citizens

Published 10:30 am Saturday, June 10, 2023

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Dear Editor,

This letter is written to the Troup County Commission.

I am writing this as a concerned county elderly taxpayer. I have not figured out this trash problem. You take our sanitation tax off our tax bill, then raise the value of our homes to cover the taxes you just took off. Then you tell us that our trash is going to cost us about $360 a year to have it picked up at the curb. Well that’s not going to work for a lot of us. My driveway is over 200 feet long plus it is uphill. 

I can’t roll that can up there and I don’t want that big truck breaking up my driveway.

Then you tell me I can only use the convenience sites, except on certain days and I’ll have to pay. That is not convenience to me. You have put the senior citizens in a bad spot.

Most of us are retired and live on social security, which we have to divide between groceries, medicine and utilities. That $360 is four times higher than what my sanitation taxes were. You are closing all but four sites, which will only make things worse. I would like to know why the people had no say-so as a vote in this matter.

You don’t hardly let us speak at the meetings and not long enough to ask all the questions that we want answers to. 

It’s like that tax break we were going to get last year. You had to be living in a trash can with a wheelbarrow roof for transportation.

That $360 at the curb or $360 at the site plus oversized loads to be paid for by the yard is unreal.

And to give one company exclusive rights to pick up and the sites is unfair and just flat out wrong.

I think the whole thing should be redone and make it fair. Ask the people of the county, like me.

JA “Griff” Griffeth