LaGrange Housing Authority to host second annual Queen in You worksshop

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Starting June 13, the LaGrange Housing Authority will host its second annual Queen in You workshop.

Daniela Bailey, the director of administration, said the workshop was created in 2021 as a one-day workshop during their summer program.

“I did the one-day workshop and got such a great response from the girls. So, this year we came together to kick off a three-day workshop to inspire young women to reach their full potential,” Bailey said.

Bailey said this is a free community workshop for girls ages seven to 18.

“Right now, we have 25 girls signed up for the workshop. In the future, my goal is to have a Queen in You mother and daughter camp where it could be not just the younger ones but adults bringing their mom,” Bailey said.

During the workshop, Bailey said the girls will be learning soft skills and other ways to present the “Queen” in them.

“Within the program, we always target helping young women discover their self-worth. They have a voice and when you target areas like self-esteem, healthy relationships, health and fitness you’re able to make a long-lasting impact that they hopefully will take with them as they grow,” Bailey said.

“This year, we’re going to be talking about emotions — which is well needed — how to handle your emotions without flaring up and how to handle your anger.”

She said the girls will also be practicing affirmations, such as ‘I’m a queen, I’m strong, I’m confident” throughout the program to help boost their self-esteem.

“With what society looks like, it’s time to put the cell phones down. Our children are distracted by cell phones and what happening on social media. I believe that because of that, there’s an image that they may pick up through social media that they can learn with that distraction,” Bailey said. “Learning how to interact, the importance of self-worth and how to eat properly are important life skills I believe need to be brought back in our young women’s lives. My goal for them is  self-worth and to increase their confidence so they won’t settle for anything or feel like they have to fit in.”

Bailey said the workshop was a group effort that couldn’t have come to fruition without her team.

“I’m thankful for our team executive team here at the Lagrange Housing Authority and Western Star. I’m also thankful for our CEO, Mrs. Zsa Zsa Heard who allowed us to use our innovation and creativity to be used into the program,” Bailey said.