OUR VIEW: The importance of fathers in our lives

Published 11:30 am Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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We’re a little late, but Father’s Day was Sunday, and we hope you had a chance to spend it with your dad.

Active and engaged fathers make all of the difference in our lives. And while being a good dad costs nothing, it’s rewarded with a lifetime of memories.

The importance of a dad shows in numbers from the National Fatherhood Initiative:

Research shows when a child is raised in a father-absent home, the child has:

• Four-times greater risk of poverty

• More likely to have behavioral problems

• Two-time greater risk of infant mortality

• More likely to go to prison

• More likely to commit a crime

• Seven-times more likely to become pregnant as a teen

• More likely to face abuse and neglect

• More likely to abuse drugs and alcohol

• Two-times more likely to suffer obesity

• Two-times more likely to drop out of school

Being at a t-ball game, grabbing the second controller for a video game or helping with homework may not seem like a lot, but those moments add up. 

Good dads know what’s going on in their children’s lives. They know who their friends are, what their hobbies are and make time for one-on-one time. 

Being a dad is a big job, and we’re thankful there are so many men out there willing to take it on.  To all the fathers out there, thank you for all you do.