Former FFES assistant principal takes new role as principal of Hillcrest Elementary School

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, June 21, 2023

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Elizabeth Doerr said she felt ecstatic to be named the new principal of Hillcrest Elementary School.

“It all feels surreal to me, but I feel humbled and blessed. Hillcrest is a dream school with talented students and teachers working together to help students achieve their goals. I’m blessed to be a part of their school family and community. I’m so excited just to be a part,” Doerr said

Doerr previously served as an assistant principal at Franklin Forest Elementary School and has been a loyal employee of the Troup County School System for 22 years. Prior to becoming an elementary assistant principal, Doerr served as an academic coach and teacher at Hollis Hand Elementary and Rosemont Elementary. Doerr recently participated in the TCSS Leadership Development Principals for Tomorrow cohort.

Doerr said when the position of principal became open, it felt like the perfect opportunity to apply.

“I’ve been in education for 22 years and felt all the roads I’ve taken in my career have led here. It felt like the right time and was the perfect opportunity,” Doerr said. “I put my name in the hat, and I’m honored to be the principal of Hillcrest Elementary.”

Doerr said she will miss the people and relationships she’s built at FFES.

“I will miss the people in that building and the work that they do every day. They are an incredibly dedicated group of educators that work every day to brighten the life of the kids in that building and help them be successful,’ Doerr said. “I will miss going to work there. It’s a great school as well.”

Doerr officially started her first day as principal on Tuesday and has begun meeting students and staff.

“I want to honor the great work that’s already been done in this building. They’re on the right track, and I want to keep it moving forward to maximize student learning and to ensure that every student has an elementary school experience that will last a lifetime,” Doerr said. “The experience of elementary school is as key as the learning that takes place.”

She said she want to get feedback from all of the individuals in the building before she makes any changes to the school.

“The school is awesome all by itself, but I want to continue to grow it and help it be better and better. I want to have a better idea of some things we can do to make school better and more fun for everybody involved,” Doerr said.

“I want everyone involved from the students to the staff to the parents. I’m looking forward to meeting individually with the staff to get to know them and to hear their thoughts about next year. I also want to meet with the leadership team as a group to involve them in some of the ideas that I have … Then, I want to get the PTO leadership to come in for some planning time together to get some things on the calendar for next year.”

As she prepares for the rapidly approaching school year, Doerr said everyone has been supportive and welcoming.

“To come into a warm welcome made me even more excited for the start of school and having everyone back in the building. I am grateful and filled with pure joy to have this opportunity to be a part of what’s happening here,” Doerr said.