C&C says One-Bin delayed, wishes Martin well

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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With Troup County’s exclusive sanitation contract with Martin Environmental Services going into effect on Saturday, C&C Sanitation will be ending residential garbage pickup in unincorporated Troup County.

Owner Lisa Durden said that letters have already been sent out to their customers informing them that their service will continue until June 30.

Durden said their customers have paid through the end of the month and they will continue to receive services through June 30.

C&C’s previously stated plans were to continue providing curbside pickup by switching to a “One-Bin” single-stream recycling program. The county later modified its sanitation ordinance to further clarify that the sanitation franchise awarded to Martin includes recycling.

“The One-Bin plan has been put on the side burner at this moment,” Durden said, noting whether they will be able to offer the service will ultimately be up to the court.

“It’s in the courts. It’s not anything against Martin. Honestly, it just started out as, they’re not offering it and we have hundreds of people calling wanting to recycle,” Durden said. “It was just a demand from the public.”

Durden said they will continue their operations in Troup County that are allowed under the ordinance. The exclusive franchise sanitation contract awarded to Martin is only for residential sanitation and only for the county’s unincorporated areas. C&C will continue to provide service for their non-residential customers in the county and some residential customers within the cities

“[The franchise] was just for residential dwellings. It’s not for churches and daycare centers and things like that,” she said.

Durden said the change isn’t going to make or break her company but it was disheartening to lose customers that they have earned over 21 years.

“C&C wishes Martin Environmental the best of luck,” Durden said, noting most of her issues with the change are with the county’s decision, not Martin or CEO Brandon Hurst.

Durden said they are planning on offering the One-Bin service at some point. It’s just on hold.

“I’m going to one-bin. It’s just got to get through the courts,” Durden said. “I just don’t want people to think that they can One-Bin next week. It’s just on the side burner until we can get it through the court system.”