OUR VIEW: Don’t post those vacation photos while you’re on vacation

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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Summer is upon us and that means two things — sweltering heat and vacations. The former might be the most unpleasant, but the latter can really burn you.

Your upcoming vacation might be a dream come true. Just what you need to have a break from work with a bit of fun and relaxation. Just don’t let it become a nightmare when you arrive back home.

While it might be fun to share photos of your vacation online while your coworkers are stuck at home, remember that it also shows would-be thieves that you’re out of town.

People sometimes forget that sharing vacation photos online can often reveal where you are, especially if you tag the location. It might be fun to brag that you’re on the beach in Cancun, but for any ne’er-do-well who can see that post back home, it’s a big flashing sign that your residence is likely unoccupied.

Americans were once reminded of the dangers of unguarded talk with the phrase “loose lips sink ships.” The idiom originated in World War II, but the meaning still rings true. 

Even more so in a world where an idle thought can reach millions in minutes via the internet.

So, if you don’t want your ship sunk, don’t post that you are going on vacation or are on vacation until you come back. You’ll find that it increases the likelihood that your stuff is where you left it when you get back.

But for those of us who are stuck on a stay-cation this year, you’re in the clear. Feel free to post away.