Troup County Archives set to hold first annual Family History and Heritage Day on July 29

Published 9:00 am Friday, July 21, 2023

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In collaboration with Visit LaGrange, Troup County Archives is set to hold its inaugural Family History and Heritage Day on July 29 from 10 a. m. to 4 p.m. at the Troup County Archives and Legacy Museum.

Victoria Larcheveaux, curator for the Archives, said this free event offers a unique occasion to unite the community in preserving and expanding the archives while celebrating the shared history and heritage of the community.

“Troup County Archives really thrive with community involvement. The things that we’re able to have in our collection and are able to research really relies on people bringing that information in,” Larcheveaux said. “In doing the event we’re reaching out to the community to have them bring in some of their old family artifacts that we might not already have in our collection. That way, we can get a more complete picture in view of what Troup County was and is.”

Larcheveaux said the event’s main objective is to create digital copies of these historical treasures, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

By collaborating with experienced archivists and dedicated volunteers, attendees can make copies of their family records, ensuring their safekeeping and contributing to the expansion of the Troup County Archives.

“We’ve noticed other historical societies that put something on like this before. Now with our latest exhibit coming up being about neighborhoods, we’re kind of wanting to reach back out to the community and bring in more information,” Larcheveaux said.

Larcheveaux said they are particularly interested in uncovering more information about individuals laid to rest at the Mulberry Street Cemetery and invites attendees to bring any ancestry information they possess including names, death dates, places and more.

“We’re looking at family Bibles — those tend to have a lot of information; photographs are also really nice to have. We are able to put those online in our digital collection and so more people around the world are able to see part of our collection without having to actually come into the building,” Larcheveaux said.

For more information on the Family History and Heritage Day, contact Troup County Archives at or call 706 884 1828.