OUR VIEW: Speeding in school zones may soon severely cost you in your pocketbook

Published 10:30 am Friday, August 11, 2023

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We shouldn’t have to say this, but if you’re driving through a school zone within the city limits of LaGrange, slow down. 

It’s the sensible thing to do to protect your own children, as well as other children.

Yes, that should be common sense, but unfortunately for many, it’s not.

Thankfully, the LaGrange Police Department is taking a stand to ensure our school zones are protected from speeding motorists. 

Even if a cop isn’t around to pull you over, speeding in a school zone may severely impact your wallet.

The City of LaGrange approved an agreement with RedSpeed USA this week that will introduce speed cameras inside school zones.

RedSpeed will receive a portion of the proceeds from the fines issued through the initiative.  

LaGrange Police Chief Garrett Fiveash said the cameras will help as the LPD simply does not have the manpower to constantly monitor every school zone. During a recent traffic study at five schools, the department documented more than 4,700 violations where motorists were going at least 11 MPH over the posted speed limit.   

You read that correctly – 4,700.

And the tickets aren’t cheap.

The fine for the first speeding offense will be $75. Subsequent offenses are $125.  

Fiveash said the cameras will only issue tickets to motorists in school zones and only to drivers going at least 15 MPH over the posted speed limit. The tickets will also only be issued for violations during school zone hours before and after school, not during other hours of the day.

The Red Speed cameras are a growing initiative in Georgia, and they are probably going to be a surprise for many people driving through our school zones. 

However, we think it’s an initiative that will more than be worth its while.

Not only are the cameras free, but they also will encourage motorists to drive much slower in school zones. If they don’t, their pocketbooks will feel the pain.