Hogansville Elementary unveils new mural created by student parent

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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The students of Hogansville Elementary (HES) had a special surprise waiting on them as they returned back to school. Jessica Brown Scott, a parent of a student, painted a mural to welcome back the Greenwaves.

Principal Hanna Beall said the school is thrilled about the new addition to the school.

“The children really love it. She incorporated a lot of local Hogansville landmarks within the mural so as the children stand there or pass by it in the hall, they’ll notice different things about it. It has been fun to watch their reaction as they see new little pieces that are hidden within the mural,” Beall said.

Scott said it was a pleasure to paint the mural for Hogansville Elementary.

“Since moving here three years ago, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to paint many murals and signs around downtown, including the large one across from the Royal Theater,” Scott said. “While all the murals and signs I’ve painted are important to me, this one was extra special. This was the fastest one I’ve done in regard to time, details, size and wall type. The faculty at HES has gone above and beyond for my boys and me. In some ways, it’s the least I could do for all they’ve done for us.”

Beall said Brown approached the school early in the summer about painting a mural for the school.

“We collaborated over the course of several weeks about an idea that would represent the history of the community, the school and the mural hall to freshening the space up for students and their families,” Beall said.

As the collaboration between Brown and HES went on, they decided the mural should be something bright, interactive and embrace the town.

“I tried to marry certain academic features and local landmarks together. I also wanted to ensure that we acknowledged the former singular “Green Wave” that was once used. That’s why the “Tower Trail Bridge” is covering part of the ‘S’. It was a way to respect the past while also encouraging the future,” Scott said.

Upon officially seeing the mural, the Greenwaves have taken well to the art piece. Scott said she was blown away by the positive response.

“Their positive response has left me speechless at points. I hope that the mural helps to uplift students and teachers on rough days and be seen as a cheerful reminder and inspiration,” Scott said.

Beall said to have a parent want to collaborate with the school meant a lot.

“We are thankful for her contribution. We look for different ways to engage our families in the school and that was a great way for her to share her talent with us and for the kids to get to see it and be a part of it,” Beall said.