Hogansville gets road work update

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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During the Hogansville City Council meeting, City Manager Lisa Kelly gave an update on road projects in the city.

Kelly said there’s a spot on 54th and College Street where the pavement is cracked and opening up. Upon taking a closer look at the area, they noticed when heavy vehicles go across the area the pavement would pump.

Pumping is when an area of pavement decompresses and pops back up when heavy vehicles or trucks go by.

“We met with the DOT, got their guidance, and they agreed to take out about an 80-foot section, curb to curb and milled up and repaint it,” Kelly said.  “We are very excited that they engaged with us. We came up with a traffic plan working with DOT to help do some of the traffic control while they work.”

Kelly said DOT began working on the road Tuesday morning.

“They finished the eastbound lane, which was the worst, and will pick back up tomorrow to finish the westbound lane,” Kelly said. “There are several places that we do work with DOT, trying to get repairs made but this one just kept getting worse and worse. It was one of those areas where in even in my car, I tended to go around. Getting it fixed will really help with traffic flow and keeping down on complaints from residents and make it a lot easier to travel on.”

Kelly said she’s glad the project is off the ground. 

“When we noticed that it was getting worse and worse. It was imperative that we’d get the repairs made because if not we were afraid that hole was going to open on up and then we would have had a much bigger problem,” Kelly said. “This just a matter of regular maintenance that we are excited to have done for our city.”

She estimates that the road work will wrap up on Thursday. While the work goes on, there has been lane closures and advisories to use alternate routes. Parking in downtown Hogansville has been prohibited until the work is completed.