Callaway Gardens to display Hogansville fire truck

Published 9:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2023

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Callaway Gardens has asked to use the city of Hogansville’s restored fire truck during the Christmas holidays.

“We are honored to do this with them They have a lot of people that come through there especially during the holiday, and we are so honored that they chose our truck and asked for it to be displayed there. It’s a good piece of history that we’re able to share with them,” said Hogansville City Manager Lisa Kelly.

The vintage firetruck, a 1953 Ford F600 Pirsch Pumper Hogansville, was fixed up a few years ago by Andy Jones, the public works director for Hogansville. The truck was one of the last fire trucks in Hogansville before the city got out of the fire service business in the early 1980s. 

“He converted the truck to where it had seats in it so that we could use it for parades, special events and other things like that —that is its only purpose in life right now. It has fulfilled its duties as a fire truck, and now it just looks pretty and amazes people,” Kelly said.

“Callaway approached him and said that they are having a fall and winter event in the tents and asked if we would be willing to let them house the truck inside the tent for a display. We approached the council to make sure they don’t have an issue with it and everyone was on board with the idea.”

Jones said it’s an honor for Callaway Gardens to use the truck.

“I’m glad that other communities can see and appreciate the way the firetruck looks and want to use it for a display. I and the community put a lot of work into getting the truck restored,” Jones said.

Kelly said currently the city doesn’t have plans for the truck until parade season.

“Once we started doing parades, we’ll of course go grab it and make sure we will have it for use for both of the parades we have. So it’s a nice honor and our fire truck is amazing. It is a piece of history that we love and are very proud Andy was able to get it running again.”

Kelly said Callaway Gardens won’t be paying the city anything to use the truck for the season.

“It will be a matter of the gas to get it there, and they will have it roped off. People will be able to take pictures with it but not get on it or in it. So there’s no charge for it. We’re glad we’re able to spread the joy of it. It’s a really neat piece of equipment that otherwise wouldn’t be useful for anything,” Kelly said.

Kelly said Callaway using the firetruck will give the city some positive PR.

“We’re always looking for that PR moment, something that will get Hogansville noticed for who we are today,” Kelly said. “Maybe it will encourage people to say, ‘Hey, Iet’s go check out and see what it’s all about.’ Many people still ask, ‘where is Hogansville?’ So, it will give us some positive recognition, and we’re proud of that.”