OUR VIEW: LaGrange should be really proud of the renovated library

Published 9:14 am Saturday, September 30, 2023

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The LaGrange Memorial Library triumphantly returned home on Friday. The beautiful rejuvenated building has all of the bells and whistles of a modern library and quite literally has something for everyone.

The new library is truly something everyone in LaGrange can be proud of. 

Its $8 million price tag is nothing to scoff at, but we think it’s worth it. Public libraries are the backbone of an educated citizenry. They’re not only the place where we learn about history, science and literature. They’re also an endless dive into arts and culture, both locally and from around the world.

Many believe that in the internet age, where information is always at our fingertips, libraries are less relevant, but they couldn’t be more important. For some, libraries are the only affordable onramp to the information superhighway.

For kids, the library is a safe place to spend after-school hours, away from the streets and away from the violence that has been plaguing LaGrange. Whether story time sessions for little kids, to a game room with a Playstation 5, the LaGrange Memorial Library has something for kids of all ages.

For creative types, the library’s dual maker spaces provide the room and tools needed to create until your heart is content.

The new library is also perfect for students, whether in one of two computer labs, the zero-noise quiet space, private meeting rooms or in one of the colorful reading booths.

For the community, the new library has a 300-person capacity meeting space for public forums and meetings of all types.

Sure, the library costs a lot, but it also provides a lot. So much so that it would be impossible to list everything here. It’s worth every penny. But it’s only worth it if we use it.

So join us in using LaGrange’s newest treasure, the renovated LaGrange Memorial Library.