First National Manufacturing Day a success

Published 8:50 pm Friday, October 6, 2023

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In recent years, it’s been a dream of the Development Authority of LaGrange to host a recognition of National Manufacturing Day.

That became a reality on Thursday, when industries from all over the region came together at West Georgia Technical College. Approximately 1300 students from surrounding school systems participating, getting a chance to hear about well-paying jobs that they didn’t realize are available just a few miles from their home.

College degrees are great, but many of the jobs at Thursday’s event didn’t require a degree for the type of salary that will put food on your table and feed a family.

A total of 21 manufacturers from the West Georgia Area sent representatives from an array of industries, ranging from automotive and parts manufacturing to textiles, firearms and home goods.  

“There are some stigmas around manufacturing, that are sometimes handed down from generation to generation. Manufacturing today isn’t our grandparents’ manufacturing. So, we try to provide awareness with industry tours and work with industry partners to show them what manufacturing is,” said Kelley Bush, who organized the event. “They’re high-paying jobs with a lot of advanced technology —a lot of robotics— and the only way to get that message is to have them experience it.”

Bush is right, and we’re sure the event opened up more than a few eyes on Thursday to the possibility of a manufacturing career. 

That might mean a few more students staying home rather than moving away for college, yet still making a similar salary. It might mean a local manufacturer being able to be fully staffed, and they might find a career employee who they can train over many years to become a leader in their company.

We’re excited to see how this event will grow in future years.