Athlete of the week: Colson Allen does it all for the Warriors

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Colson Allen does it all for the LaGrange Academy Warriors. There is barely a sport that he does not play.

“I play a lot of sports and coach K (Ken Klinger) asked me to come out for cross country last year,” Allen said. “I also play baseball, basketball, tennis and sometimes golf.” 

Allen used to run track as well, which helped him during his first foray into cross country running.

Allen has made quite the impression since coming to LaGrange Academy heading into his sixth grade season. While not his primary sport, Allen has been making waves as a cross country runner this season.

He did not place in the top 10 of any event last season but had multiple top-10 finishes this year including his first ever win at the Oak Mountain Invitational in late September.

“I wasn’t expecting to win it at all,” Allen said. “I could see the kid in front of me was worn out, and I was able to catch him. I couldn’t believe I got first.”

“On a two mile run that was my best time, around 12 minutes.”

Allen made light work of the course. He felt like it played in his favor as he had the stamina to make it through and finish first.

It was a tremendous season for Allen, who is now transitioning into soccer season.

“It’s fun to try new things,” Allen said. “I don’t have any time in between seasons, but it’s really fun to play so many sports.”

LaGrange Academy boys basketball coach Britt Gaylor is also trying to recruit the seventh grader to come out for his basketball team.

Allen grew up playing a multitude of sports but gravitated toward baseball, the sport his father played.

“My dad was really good at baseball when he was younger,” Allen said. “I play pitcher like my dad. I play third base and center field too.”

LaGrange Academy may not have a middle school baseball program this season, much to the dismay of Allen.

Despite all these other sports that he plays, tennis has become his favorite. 

Allen’s cross country coach — Ken Klinger — is also the tennis coach, and has formed a strong bond with his coach.

“He is really athletic and faster than me,” Allen said with a laugh. “He is a good coach and never mean unless we mess up a drill.”

Allen has wrapped his cross country season and is ready to jump into his next sport. He has become accustomed to jumping from one sport to the next immediately after one season ends. There are no other clubs and activities on the young seventh graders radar as his free time is spent almost exclusively on a field or a court somewhere. 

As a seventh grader, Allen is not allowed to participate in the region championship race as you have to be in at least eighth grade. With Allen continuing to get better, he will have a chance to continue to add to his trophy cabinet next season.