GENDUSA COLUMN: The Soulless Ones

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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Today, many are living through terrifying and horrific hours. Children are brutally murdered at the hands of human animals. Whether the beast is dressed in a pristine suit watching a parade of his Russian troops or the dirty rascals dressed in fatigues in the Middle East, they are still the same: pure evil.

For most decent people, it is hard to imagine how one becomes soulless, but power, ego, and warped beliefs can destroy anyone’s heart. Unfortunately, these creatures live among all people everywhere. How their ability to influence so many with their deranged, narcissistic minds has always been a mystery to me. I fear it is because when many lose hope, they also lose the ability to care.

When we think, “Well, it doesn’t matter how I vote or what I say because we are doomed anyway,” we open the door to brutality. Doing so proves that our lives are more important than our children’s. So, we must never give up or give in for their sake, and we must stand firm against the rabid scoundrels of the world.

The tentacles of these inhumane humans travel far and sneak into safe havens to kill. If we don’t show that our ‘caring power’ is strong, they will turn off the lights in America.

As I watched the news this morning, it seemed an odd juxtaposition between the frenzy of bombs falling in Gaza and Israel and the fever Taylor Swift causes as her Eras Tour movie debuts. It all appeared remarkably strange yet very American.

Don’t get me wrong, Taylor brings delight to many with her generosity and warmth, but she also reminded me to be thankful. Thankful that joy still abides here. No bombs are falling on this corner of the world… yet. Happy celebration creates dancing in the aisles when Taylor performs … for now.

At the premiere, the mega star’s elegant blue gown is pristine, her makeup flawless, and her shoes are tinted the same shade of sky blue.

A world away, a child is barefoot, his face covered in soot, and his clothes are torn and stained with blood. American youngsters rush to catch a school bus this morning, while in other countries, children run to a bomb shelter. Yes, American life is normal … today.

Many say, “We just can’t keep giving US money to aid foreign wars!” Yet, how can we not? Do we believe we are impervious to barbarians who fear nothing? Clearly, September 11th, 2001, proved we are not.

If we are concerned about the future world for our children, we and our allies need to keep writing checks. We must encourage all peace-loving nations and citizens to care enough to not fall prey to those who wish for our fall. We cannot save the world, but we cannot lose ours because we failed to try.

Remember, God is not an American, and he is not an isolationist. He is the father of all humankind. His message is clear… “Don’t withhold good from someone who deserves it when it is in your power to do so.” Proverbs 3:27

Apathy is deadly.  The lion will die if the mighty beast does not roar and lazes in the sun, unaware of the hyena slinking behind him. The hyenas hide in the bushes, waiting for the lion to become impassive and sluggish.

We must remember to roar.

Our gratitude for living where we are free to roam without constant fear of death is immeasurable. More importantly, it should never be taken for granted. Human animals can thrive with very little to steal life from their victims.

We cannot become victims.

This is the day to stand as one nation. This is the hour to put our political blame games aside and move our spirits forward. We must value others, denounce selfishness, and let our goodness shine. Now is the moment to defeat terrorists lurking on every corner.  It is time to punish the antisemites, the racists, and the haters everywhere.

Americans should lead the chorus of roars, keep the hyenas away, and destroy the evil lurking in the darkness before they find us sleeping in the sun.

For the love of all nations under God, join hands and pray for terror to end and for those who suffer from the brutal wounds of soulless, barbaric human animals … now.