Several polling places have changed in Troup. Do you know where to vote?

Published 9:15 am Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Six precincts in Troup County will have at least some of their voters moved to other polling places for elections moving forward. Do you know where to cast a ballot on Election Day?

Voters in the Hollis Hand, Highland, Northside and McLendon precincts will have new precincts while some voters in the Hogansville and Garner Newman precincts will be moved back to the Mountville precinct, which is reopening.

The majority of the changes come at the behest of the Troup County School System, which no longer wants polling places in schools out of safety concerns.

Troup Board of Elections Chairman Bill Stump said that precinct cards started going out in the mail last week, so voters should have already gotten their new registration cards that will tell them exactly where to vote on Election Day, Nov. 7. If not, they can call the Elections Office at (706) 883-1745.

Voters can also vote early at the Troup County Government Center Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Nov. 3 and on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Nobody’s district changed. If you were in District 1 or District Two, you’re still in that district,” Stump said.

The majority of Troup’s polling places will remain unchanged. The Admin, Hammett, East Vernon, Long Cane and Grey Hill precincts will see no voter changes.

Griggs Center

The Griggs Center Precinct also isn’t moving, but it will see some additional voters as some voters from the Highland precinct (Troup High School) are being folded into Griggs. Troup High will no longer be a precinct.

Hollis Hand

The Hollis Hand precinct is being combined with the Northside precinct (Hope Academy) and will now vote at the First United Methodist Church on Broad Street in LaGrange.


The upcoming city election in Hogansville will remain unaffected, but in future elections, some county voters will return to the reestablished Mountville precinct. 


The Rosemont precinct will remain at the Troup County Fire Administration Building, but some Rosemont voters will go back to the reestablished Mountville precinct.


The Mountville voting precinct is being reopened. Voting will be held at the Mountville Baptist Church. The reestablished precinct will have some voters moved back from the Hogansville, Rosemont and Gardner Newman precincts.

“We had a lot of people who were having to drive from Mountville to Hogansville to vote,” Stump said, noting that it is a fairly long drive to vote.


Voting for the McClendon precinct will move from Hillcrest Elementary School to the Hillcrest Baptist Church at the end of Robert Hayes Rd. The name of the precinct will also be changed from McClendon to Hillcrest.

Long Cane 

Voters at the Long Cane precinct will remain unchanged. The precinct currently votes at Grace Baptist Church, so the precinct is being renamed Grace for clarification purposes.

Gardner Newman

The Gardner Newman precinct will remain in the Troup County School System Administration Building. Some of the voters who had been moved from the former Mountville precinct will return to the reestablished Mountville precinct.


The Highland precinct, otherwise known as Troup High, is going away. Some voters, primarily in LaGrange, will move to the Griggs Center. The remaining county voters will move to the Rosemont precinct.


The Northside precinct, which currently votes at The Hope Academy, is also closing. Former Northside voters will now vote at First United Methodist Church of LaGrange on Broad Street in the renamed Hollis precinct.


Whenever there are voting precinct changes, some will be unhappy. Stump said when the school system asked them to move polling places out of schools, they had some difficult decisions to make.

“We looked at all the different options. There aren’t a lot of good options that have the space and accommodate all the voters that aren’t government buildings, including schools,” Stump said. “My preference would be that all the polling places would be in government buildings we control so we don’t have to inconvenience somebody else.”