Griffin works with area children through school system, mentoring program

Published 8:35 am Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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Dr. Nicholas Griffin has become a staple in the Troup County community, working daily to give his students a chance at a better tomorrow.

Griffin has been a local since 2008 after transferring to LaGrange College to finish his bachelor’s degree in English. Since then, he has taken on several roles in the Troup County School System with his most recent being a transition facilitator for Troup County students.

Since taking on the role, Griffin has taken on the responsibility of preparing over 12,000 students within the school system for life beyond the classroom.

“My goal is reaching as many students as I can who are transitioning through tough times or just having a rough go at life,” Griffin said. “Students may be going through various life events ranging from the loss of a parent or dealing with the struggles of moving to another school.”

Outside of his regular duties as a transition facilitator, Griffin supports local students through a nonprofit mentorship program that he created in 2023 called ELVTD Youth and Mentoring, Inc. The program is led by Griffin and his wife, Kamenia Griffin, a Crossroads Treatment Centers counselor, and together, they teach the local youth how to navigate their emotions from an early age.

Though the program is predominantly focused on mentoring youth, the program also focuses on supporting parents by supplying them with the tools and skills they need to help their children succeed.

“Just modeling good behavior will help the parents and the students with mental health because children are always looking to their parents for leadership,” Griffin said. “Once the children see their parents take that step forward and try to have a better mental health balance, things really kind of calm down.”

Griffin said he encourages additional programs to be created, so students can have more opportunities to express their interests outside of school.

“I really feel that we should have more programs and have more opportunities for these kids outside of just school hours,” Griffin said. “We have so many programs, and they’re all helping the school system, and we’re all helping each other, but I think we honestly can never have enough. I think they’re so important because they really facilitate and support the school system.”

As a result of his dedication to the community, especially to the Troup County School System over the past few years, Griffin was honored at the LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Gala with The Young Professional of the Year award.

“I really didn’t feel like I deserved that award because I just give back — I don’t see that as being award-worthy, you know, and I’m just doing what God led me to do,” Griffin said. “It doesn’t feel like work, it really feels like we’re changing our community and it feels great.”

Griffin credits his accomplishments to everyone in his life who has supported his journey including friends, family, and coworkers.

“I would like to say thank you to the people who have supported me through the years, who have mentored me, guided me, or even just listened to me cry on the phone about stuff that’s bothering me,” Griffin said. “Thank you because you didn’t have to.”