Making the next step: Camdyn Bassett commits to Wallace State

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Troup junior softball player Camdyn Bassett has made the next stop on her journey known. The pitcher/infielder will be taking her talents to Wallace State in 2025.

“They really sold me on the culture there,” Bassett said. “They have caring coaches and a great campus so everything kind of just added up to a place that I could see myself being at.”

Her goal is to spend a season or two at Wallace State before transferring to an SEC school or other Division I program. Bassett believes that Wallace State is the perfect place to help elevate her game to a new level and set her own path to achieve her next goal.

“They told me that if I come there for you two years they will put me where I want to go, and I still have dreams of playing SEC ball,” Bassett said. “With my arm being injured right now, this will give me the time to get it right.”

Committing before her senior year at Troup High has lifted a world of pressure on Bassett’s shoulders. She is currently dealing with an injury in her shoulder that requires surgery and will knock her out for a long period of time, so she wanted to go ahead and make a decision.

“It is a relief and feels like a weight off my shoulders because the recruiting process is a lot and can be overwhelming at times,” Bassett said. “The more I thought about it the more Wallace State felt like a breath of fresh air. Now I can settle in and just play ball.”

Bassett could return for some of her senior season at Troup, or it could be a wash depending on how her recovery goes. It took a while for her to come to terms with her new reality, having never dealt with a major injury before.

“I have never had surgery before, and it is killing me to think about not being able to play for so long because I’ve never had to go so long without playing,” Bassett said. “I miss everything about softball, even sometimes when practice is tough and tiring.”

Despite still having a year and a half of high school left, Bassett has one eye set on the future. Wallace State felt like a natural fit for her as there was an instant connection between her and the college when she first stepped foot on campus.

“I visited UT Martin and some other schools, but Wallace State was at the top of my list once I visited,” she said. “It just gave me this feeling that the other colleges didn’t.”

With her injury knocking her out for 5-7 months, this will be the longest period of time Bassett has been without softball for practically her entire life. Bassett is down, but not out as she prepares to work diligently.

“It is heartbreaking because it will be my senior year, but I still have college to look forward to and work toward,” Bassett said. “The injury is a bummer, but I have confidence and with enough hard work, I’ll be back in time.”