GENDUSA COLUMN: Can you imagine?

Published 1:33 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Can any of us imagine living in a country run by a tyrannical dictator, rife with corruption, and where one is killed or imprisoned if one opposes such evil? A place where truth is optional, freedom to speak is non-existent, and hope is gone. 

“It is what it is, and there is nothing we can do!” This is an excuse not only used by people in Russia but also in America and other countries throughout the world regarding government leadership. Such a statement that is oft-repeated by a nation’s people will soon be controlled by someone like Hitler, Putin, or Kim Jong Un.

Apathy is the killer of free societies. We will forfeit liberty when we assume nothing can be done. We hand in our rights when we are not courageous or sensitive enough to care. When citizens allow corruption or conspiracies to spread, then evil will rise and control what we care about.

I firmly believe that every citizen of this country must let your voice be heard. For all the soldiers who have died to defend our land, shout. Apathy or fear must never invade America, or we will become another Russia.

I applaud those who stand for honesty, civility, and character. Those leaders who are willing to give up power for the country they serve should be heralded and not victimized. They are the ones who sign no political pledges, work together to find solutions, and use their time to help the citizens of their nation. These are the leaders who prioritize their country before their party.

Can any of us imagine living in a nation where such a brave leader is killed, and one is not allowed to simply lay a flower on a sidewalk to honor him? Can you imagine being the mother or wife of Alexey Navalny who knows justice will never be served for his murder? Do we not comprehend that in some countries, there is no justice?

America has always believed that “no one is above the law.” Justice wins here because of our Constitution, which should never be undermined. It is our backbone, our power, and our protector.  

The Make America Great Again movement promoted in 2016 was and still is confusing to me. I always thought America was great. We have problems, but we typically have worked them out or at least tried to do so.  

We marched when we needed to, went to war when we had to, and survived and grew. There is greatness when the will of the people reigns. When we vote, we establish a future for four years. If our leader fails, we can rid ourselves of the commander. It’s called Democracy. It is not perfect, but Lord, it isn’t Russia.  

Have you noticed how some folks think God is only an American? We are members of a world, and our world includes people of all ethnicities, beliefs, and creeds. As godly people, we are, according to scripture, supposed to help all people. “Go therefore and teach all nations…” Matthew 28:19

Now, how do we do that if we become isolationists? How do we aid and love others when we choose to ignore the fate of God’s children of all nations? Or, because living in a vacuum is easier and cheaper, do we delete that part of God’s edict? 

What would have happened if Hitler was not defeated? Can you imagine? 

When hatred permeated our corner of the world on December 7, 1941, the citizens of our GREAT country banded together in force to defeat it. 

They cared enough to fight, to fall, to keep our flag hoisted above our land. 

The freedom-loving leaders across the world battled to conquer the enemy and were valiant enough to show their character. Those powerful enemy dictators fell because apathy was destroyed by the clutched hands of unity.  Can you just imagine how we could ever be greater than we were and still are as long as we are together.

There is no excuse for apathy, laziness, and cowardice… not here. Not in this place where the opportunity to be the voice of freedom and justice can be heard. Not in this America where we can peacefully protest and raise flags.  Not in this land where roses are proudly displayed to honor fallen heroes. Not on this earth’s soil where American blood lies beneath the surface because we cared enough to die for our corner of the planet.  Can you just imagine living in a country where pride is gone, honor is lost, and you don’t care that it is? It will never happen here if we inspire others to be brave, hopeful, and involved. 

Pick up a phone, vote, write letters, pray, and keep a great America.