Redevelopment agency approves changes to Mill Creek Station TAD

Published 11:27 am Friday, March 1, 2024

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On Tuesday, the Board of Directors of the LaGrange Redevelopment Authority approved a request for a change in the Mill Creek Station Tax Allocation District (TAD).

Mill Creek Station TAD, also known as TAD #2, covers the development which includes the new Yard on Mill Complex off of South Davis and Hogansville Road. The city has several TADs around town, including one for the Marriot Hotel in downtown LaGrange and another covering the LaGrange Mall.

To approve a TAD, the law requires cities to appoint a redevelopment agency to make recommendations to the mayor and council. The LaGrange Redevelopment Agency was created in 2010. Its members include the mayor and council, along with chairs of the Troup County Board of Education and the Board of Commissioners.

The agency meets infrequently and typically only when a new TAD is proposed or a request is made to modify an existing one. The group met this week to consider a request from Mill Creek Station TAD ownership, who bought the remaining property in the TAD, aside from The Yard.

Atlantic Companies purchased the remaining property and later sold a portion to Liberty Communities, which is currently being developed as Crossvine Village.

Mack Reese, of Atlantic Companies, asked the redevelopment agency to modify the TAD to allow two sections to be swapped.

Reese requested that a commercial segment off of Hogansville Road be swapped with residential and another residential segment off of South Davis be modified to commercial.

Matt Mason of Gateway Ventures and Atlantic Companies said the developers plan to build 270 apartments on the formerly commercial section off Hogansville Road section.

The rent for the apartments will start at $1,400 for one bedroom, $1,650 for two bedrooms and $1,800 for three bedrooms.

Ultimately, the request was made because they believe Hogansville Road does not have the traffic to support a commercial development like South Davis Road, Mason said.

Mason said they are hoping to bring in a big box store to build around the formerly residential section on South Davis.