April Bunn personifies what Troup County Parks and Rec is all about

Published 11:33 am Monday, March 4, 2024

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The Troup County Parks and Rec Department has a collection of individuals who spend countless hours ensuring that youth athletics, adult athletics, facilities, and so much more are maintained and expanded in our community. One of the people at the forefront of work in the Parks and Rec department is Assistant Director April Bunn.

Bunn has only been in this role for a short time but has been working full-time with the parks and rec system since 2022 and started as a volunteer coach in 2014.

“I didn’t realize the amount of people that are involved,” Bunn said. “You don’t really see all the avenues that everybody goes through to get stuff done and how many people are making sure we continue to progress.

“We bring coaches and sportsmanship to these kids, but we do so much more. We have ballet and tap, and we are trying to bring yoga.”

Originally a teacher, Bunn has always felt a calling to improve the lives of youth. Now, she channels it through the Parks and Rec Department.

“I work the second shift, so I come in during the afternoon and start looking at maintenance of the building, check voicemails for rental properties, make sure my employees are covering everything shift-wise,” Bunn said. “After that, I go straight into pushing our social media and building newsletters. Right now, we are currently working on updating the web pages.”

Before taking on her role as assistant director, Bunn served as coordinator for soccer. 

Working as a teacher meant more time spent with the kids. Her job with the parks and rec is more about dealing with parents, which at times has been a steep learning curve. 

“I think dealing with parents was my steep learning curve because I had dealt with children here for so long,” Bunn said. “I taught, I ran summer camps, and now it’s about building my schedule more around parents instead of kids. I have learned a lot from this change.”

Bunn came here from Gray, Georgia because of the education system in 2014 and has called Troup County home ever since. 

Bunn has two daughters who play softball and the work she does with the parks and rec department is reflected through them.

“I get to be a part of them being physically active and help grow them as athletes and citizens,” Bunn said.  

Bunn is constantly looking to evolve the department and bring in new programs. She helped bring in adult soccer as well as revive the 15u soccer program. 

Her next step as assistant director is to get even more individuals involved with the department.

“We’re here at the Mike Daniel Center, and we want them to be here,” Bunn said. “We want them in the building. We want them participating, and we want to know what they want.”

When Bunn is not working with the parks and rec department, she is still heavily involved with athletics in the community. Bunn is a travel softball coach as well as a guest speaker for the sports management program at LaGrange College. If you cannot find her in her office at the Mike Daniel Center, she is likely on a ball field somewhere in Troup County.