Brothers in arms: The Ogle brothers are enjoying their new coach-player dynamic at LCS

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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The Ogle brothers have Lafayette Christian baseball in their blood. Ben, the first-year head coach, and Dustin, one of the team’s starting middle infielders, make quite the duo in the dugout for the Cougars.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited about anything in my life than hearing he was going to be my coach here,” Dustin said. “I would honestly still be a bench player if I didn’t have my brother here showing me a lot of things.”

It was not so long ago that Ben was suited up for the Cougars. He played up until graduating in 2021 and was a member of the state title team in 2019.

“So we played in and won the state championship in 19. So the 18-19 season when I was in my sophomore year, and that’s definitely something I’ll never forget,” Dustin said. 

Dustin still remembers watching Ben suit up for the Cougars all those years ago.

“I always enjoyed going to his games. And I mean, he was better than I was especially back then,” Dustin said. “I just enjoyed watching him out there. And now it’s kind of vice versa. He watches me and he gets to coach me up.”

The younger Ogle has been playing for the Cougars for three years. It has been a quick climb up the ranks for Dustin.

“This is my third year, I started actually for varsity as an eighth grader. And I’ve just played since then,” Dustin said. “It’s been a very, very fun experience.”

Ben never dreamed he would be leading a program so young but always envisioned himself in the coaching ranks. After previously serving as an assistant coach, Ogle felt called to the head coaching position when he was offered the position.

“I was excited to take the job, but there was a lot of nerves for me for the first game,” Ben said. “It was such a big game for us against Flint River. Once I stepped out there under the lights all that nervousness went away, and we just played baseball.”

Dustin dreamed of playing on a team with his older brother growing up, but the age gap never allowed it to be. Now, he is loving the opportunity to be coached by his brother instead.

“I love every minute of it,” Ben said. “I always wanted to play on a team with him. But we never were able to because of the age limits. But I mean, he does a really good job with it. I mean, he does really well. And I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in the future.”

The Lafayette Christian team introduced its new stadium this season, and the Ogles have been impressed. After having to play games at George Harris for so many years, it was sweet relief for the team to play on their home turf.

“I love playing here. Like I get that some people don’t like the grass and fields, but I love it. You get clean hops, and clean bounces all day. And this is nicer than a lot of the places we have to go to,” Dustin said.

Ben added “So here it’s just easier, people are more likely to show up. So that is that’s been an added, I guess, something I didn’t really foresee. But it definitely is an added benefit to having enough home for you.”

Ben has guided the team to a 5-2 start to the season and hopes to build the team into a state championship-level contender once again. Dustin has been a consistent presence in the lineup and is hitting .318 with 10 runs scored and seven RBIs. 

Through the wins and losses, the ups and downs, the Ogle brothers always have each other’s back under the evening lights at Lafayette Christian.