Athlete of the week: Chase Mosley is enjoying a breakout freshman season

Published 3:17 pm Friday, March 22, 2024

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Troup High has had a talented freshman class make an impact on just about every sports program at the school, but none quite as prevalent as baseball. Chase Mosley has been at the forefront since the freshman started high school. He was immediately ready to be a utility player and fill in wherever he was needed, but he quickly found himself starting in the middle infield for the Tigers.

“I was told by the coaches coming into this year, they said, I might have to play a big role, so during the offseason, I really had to work and prepare myself to help out,” Mosley said. “I was pretty nervous in my first game, but it doesn’t bother me now.

“I’m facing way better competition now, so it has pushed me to get even better.”

As just a freshman, Mosley is often one of the smaller guys on the field. He is not intimidated by going up against 17 and 18-year-olds as he worked to offset some of his supposed weaknesses this past offseason.

“I did a lot of speed and agility work because going up against those older guys can be hard when you’re small,” Mosley said.

Much like a lot of the talented athletes in Troup’s freshman class, Mosley is a two-sport standout. He spent the fall helming the JV football team as the starting quarterback.

“I started playing football when I was about eight years old, and I’ve been a quarterback ever since then,” he said.

Mosley loves both sports, but the diamond is his true home.

“I’m all in on both, but I’ve always liked baseball just a little bit more,” he said. 

There are actually two Mosleys sharing the dugout this season. The younger Mosley is joined by assistant coach Charles Mosley, who is also Chase’s father. There have been plenty of ups and downs as is expected when you are coached by your dad.

“It’s like there’s mixed emotions about it,” Mosley said. “Since he’s my dad, he knows what I’m capable of. He just continues to push me and make sure I don’t run from the grind.

“I would say my dad’s pretty hard on me, but I think he’s just as hard on everybody else because he wants everybody else to succeed and be good too.”

Troup baseball runs in the Mosley family. It was not so long ago that the younger Mosley would come up to The Jungle to watch his older brother play.

“I used to come up here and watch him play, and I’ve kind of just followed in his footsteps,” Mosley said. “He used to play in left field or really anywhere in the outfield. It was fun to come up here and cheer him on.”

When he gazed out onto that field as a young boy, he knew that someday it would be his turn to put on the blue and gold uniform and take the field as a Tiger. That day has now come as Mosley suits up for Troup practically year-round as he jumps from football to baseball.

“Putting on the jersey means I have to represent and put on for Troup High School,” Mosley said. “It means I have to show up and be great and give my 110% every time.”