Youth Art Exhibition Award Winners announced

Published 11:00 am Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Awards for the best student-created artworks were announced at the opening of the 31st Annual Creative Youth Art League’s exhibition on Sunday, May 5, 2024, at the LaGrange Art Museum.  Over 470 art students and their families from 20 public schools, two private schools, and three homeschool groups came to see the works of art.

The Morrill Hutchinson Award for Best of Show is awarded to a high school student. This year’s honoree is Amelia Fercken from Heard County High School. The Wates Keller Award for Best of Show was awarded to Ke’Mauri Peterson from Franklin Forest Elementary.   The exhibition will run through Saturday, May 11th. Regular museum hours are Tuesday-Friday from 9 am – 5 pm and on Saturday, May 11 from 1-4 pm.

The architect of the museum’s Creative Youth Art League was the late Morrill Turner Hutchinson who wanted to make sure youth art is always an essential part of the community.

Curating and organizing the exhibition were LaGrange Art Museum’s Lauren Oliver, Julie Compton, and Kyndall Cason. Art preparator was Dennis Bugg.

Over 326 students participated in the exhibition from schools and groups from Troup, Harris, Heard, and Meriwether counties in Georgia and Chambers County in Alabama.  The schools that entered students’ artworks were Manchester High School, Harris County High School, Lafayette Christian School, LaGrange Academy, Heard County High, Norman Homeschool, Olive Plants Homeschool Ext. Program, LaGrange Art Museum Youth Studios, Creekside, Harris County Carver Middle School, Eastside/ J.P Powell Magnet School, Long Cane Elem, Brown Homeschool, Unity Elem School, Mountain View Elementary, New Mountain Hill Elementary, Park Elementary, Pine Ridge Elementary, Hillcrest, Ethel W. Kight Elementary, Ephesus Elementary, Centralhatchee Elementary, Franklin Forrest, Callaway and Hogansville Elementary.

 LAM Board of Governors Summer Camp Scholarships:

K-2nd    Ke’Mauri Peterson, 1st grade, Franklin Forest Elem.

3rd-5th Blakely Arnold, 3rd grade, New Mountain Hill Elem.

Middle School   Sara Pike, 8th grade, Harris County Carver Middle School

High School   Lily Kate Durham, 9th grade, Lafayette Christian School



1st Abigail Holloway, 1st grade, Ephesus Elem.

2nd Claire Banks, 1st grade New Mountain Hill Elem.

3rd Callie Wimbush, 2nd grade, Mountain View Elem.


1st Brian Meas, K, Hogansville Elem.

2nd Gwendolyn Holloway, 2nd grade, Hogansville Elem.

3rd Sawyer Bailey, 1st, Long Cane Elem.


1st Olivia Worthington, 2nd grade, New Mountain Hill Elem.

2nd Erica Lee, 2nd grade, LaGrange Art Museum, Youth Art Studio

3rd Stella Delong, 2nd grade, New Mountain Hill Elem.


1st Evan Brown, 2nd grade, Homeschool



1st Henry Gilliland, 5th, Olive Plants Homeschool Ext.

2nd Stella Campbell, 3rd, Callaway Elem.

3rd Marco, Padilla, 5th, Creekside


1st Mazie Storey, 3rd, Hogansville Elem. School

2nd Zoe Blalock, 3rd, Lafayette Christian School

3rd Izzy Smith, 4th Centralhatchee Elem.


1st Jiwoo Ahn, 4th grade, LaGrange Academy

2nd Saina Patel, 4th grade, LaGrange Academy

3rd Klaire Huckaby, 4th grade, Mountain View Elem.


1st Conner Michaud, 5th grade, Creekside

2nd Amelia Howland, 4th grade, Centralhatchee Elem.

3rd Maria Isabel Hidalgo, 4th grade, LaGrange Art Museum, Youth Art Studio


1st Bowen Smallwood, 5th grade, Hillcrest Elem.

2nd Khloe Poe, 5th grade, Hillcrest Elem.

3rd Brian Hill, 4th grade, Pine Ridge Elem.



1st Sara Pike, 8th grade, Harris County Carver Middle School

2nd Cami Whitley, 6th, Olive Plants Homeschool

3rd Izzy Dunn, 7th, Lafayette Christian School


1st Lily Prestridge, 8th grade, Lafayette Christian

2nd Addie Shaukat, 8th grade, Harris County Carver Middle School

3rd Izzie Frazier, 8th grade, LaGrange Academy


1st Mark Folds, 8th grade, Olive Plants Homeschool

2nd Lily Grace Denney, 8th grade, Lafayette Christian

3rd Andrew Slaughter, 6th grade, Creekside

Middle School Cont.


1st Josie Jansen, 7th grade, Harris County Carver Middle School

2nd Gracelyn Wilkinson, 8th grade, Harris County Carver Middle School

3rd Sarah Pike, 8th grade, Harris County Carver Middle School


1st Josalyn Harris, 6th grade, Creekside Middle

2nd Camryn Turner, 6th grade, Eastside JP Powell Magnet School

3rd Eugine Kim, 8th grade, LaGrange Art Museum, Youth Art Studio



1st Malaila Schwartz, 12th grade, Heard High

2nd Sarah Nelson, 12thgrade, Harris County High

3rd Vanessa Arenas, 9th grade, Lafayette Christian


1st Kaylee McLean, 10th grade, Harris County High

2nd Georgia Martin, 10th grade, LaGrange Academy

3rd Malaila Schwartz, 12th grade, Heard High


1st Chasity Pitts, 12th grade, Heard High

2nd Autumn Miller, 10th grade, Homeschool

3rd Emma Potts, 11th grade, Harris County High


1st Kimberly Waters, 10th grade, Harris County High

2nd Lily Kate Durham, 9th grade, Lafayette Christian School

3rd Lia Jones, 12th grade LaGrange Academy


1st Alexis Bealieu, 9th grade, Manchester High

2nd Ellie Grace Eiler, 12th grade, LaGrange Academy

3rd Sa’niya Fuller, 9th grade, Manchester High

Honorable Mentions all categories and age groups:

Faith Ware, Kindergarten, Unity Elementary

Lilly Haney, 5th grade, Ephesus Elementary

Raya McLeroy, 12th grade, Lafayette Christian School

Andarius Walker, 10th grade, Heard High