Older Americans Month

Published 9:00 am Thursday, May 16, 2024

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The West Point City Council celebrated seniors at the business meeting on Monday. Mayor Steve Tramell honored the many senior citizens in the audience with a proclamation in recognition of Older Americans Month.

Tramell presented the proclamation to Steve Davis from the West Point Active Life Center and Dan Wooden who is over the Troup County Center.  

The proclamation reads, “It is important to acknowledge the contributions older individuals have made in our communities, in the workplace and to the economic well-being of our nation through civic leadership and mentoring.”

It also touches on the need for better resources and care for our older populations in West Point and across the country.

“The city of West Point joins the national tradition of designating the month of May as a time to celebrate the contributions of older Americans and rededicate our efforts to better servicing their needs,” Tramell read. 

With older individuals often overlooked and underappreciated in society, the city joined the national month honoring them. The proclamation establishes the month of May as Older Americans Month in the city of West Point. 

“The opportunities and challenges that await us require our continued commitment to the goals of ensuring that our senior citizens enjoy active, productive and healthy lives and do so independently, safely and with dignity,” Tramell finished.  

Davis has been with the Active Living Center in West Point for over two years.

In those two and a half years I’ve come to love all of my participants that come. We’re a big family. I’ve learned so much from them they’re like grandparents,” Davis said. “Thank y’all for supporting the senior center. 

Wooden added his appreciation for the council and the city’s work with older Americans.  

“Thank the city of West Point and their commitment to older adults,” Wooden said. “It’s evident by this Proclamation and everything that they do that they support older adults and so we’re excited to serve the older adults of West Point and look forward to that program continuing to grow and make a difference in the life of the citizens of West Point.”

Tramell then read a list of names to honor the older Americans in the audience, giving them a flower or handshake as he went. Many were in their nineties, with a few in their late eighties. However, the eldest person recognized was Dorothy Allen at 102 years of age.

Those honored were:

Minnie Clyde Murphy

Francis Pal Reaves

Jo Francis House

Helen Hurst

Rev. Walter Darden

Mary Francis Pittman 

Tommy Gilliam 

Joe Gilliam

Dorothy Allen 

Billy Lane

Harold Gamble

Viola Henry

Gussie Wilson 

Dorothy Pittman 

Bessie Wright 

A.R. Ransom 

House provided the mayor with a riddle to solve when getting her flowers. 

“What goes up and never comes down?” House asked. “Age.”

Reaves, who will be 98 years old in a couple of months, summed up her years by saying, “I’ve earned them all.”