Gardening with Natives

Published 11:00 am Saturday, May 18, 2024

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The Middle Chattahoochee  Group invites everyone to our next meeting Tuesday May 21st.  at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 207 N. Greenwood St. The meeting can be attended in person or virtually via ZOOM.

Refreshment and social time begin at 6:30, meeting 7PM to 8PM.  Our guest speaker will be Ms Ashley Desensi. Her topic will be “Gardening with Natives.”

Ms. Desensi is a Columbus native, She earned her M.S. in Biology from Columbus State University in 2019. She has a passion for botany, a strong commitment to plant conservation, and a love of all things wild. Her focus on botany and ecology has given her extensive knowledge of plant biology and systematics, as well as the environmental and social issues affecting our native plants. She is a valuable member of the Native Plant Coalition team, and works hard to inspire the next generation of biologists and conservationists through education and outreach. She and Veronica are proud parents of three teenage daughters who also share an interest in the natural world. Ashley and her family enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking around the Southeast.  

“Gardening with Natives” will cover information about the use of native plants in landscaping and conservation efforts. Led by a knowledgeable biologist and environmental advocate, the presentation explores the importance of native species in restoring biodiversity and supporting local ecosystems. Drawing inspiration from Rachel Carson’s wisdom, the discussion delves into the detrimental effects of invasive species and highlights the benefits of cultivating native flora. Through insightful keywords, personal anecdotes, and practical tips, the audience is guided towards sustainable gardening practices, with an emphasis on individual contributions to nurturing thriving habitats. A comprehensive list of resources empowers enthusiasts to embark on this transformative journey towards a greener future.

For those who can not attend please register at Middle Chattahoochee Group, Events Calendar for your Zoom link or email