Individual cottage-style homes coming

Published 10:00 am Friday, June 14, 2024

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Cottage-style homes may soon be buildable in more areas in LaGrange if a proposed zoning amendment is approved by the city council.

On Tuesday, the LaGrange City Council held a first reading for a proposed UDO text amendment to Section 25B-20-2 that would allow individual cottage-style homes to be built within the Corridor Medium Density Residential  (CR-MR) zoning district.

Currently, single cottages are not allowed within CR-MR zoning districts and would have to be a part of a cottage court-style development.

The Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend the change during its May 13 meeting.

A public hearing was held for the potential change but no one spoke for or against the measure.

In other business the council:

4Held a first reading to rezoning property located at 815 Leeman Street from Campus General

Industrial and Agribusiness District (CP-GI) to Traditional Neighborhood Mixed Use District (TN-MX) and to amend the Comprehensive Plan Character Area Map.

4Amended the landfill disposal fee rate to eliminate the declining rate schedule. All customers will now pay the same $31.50 per ton charge no matter how much they dump along with a $25 minimum charge.

4Appointed Alton West to a one-year term on the Alpha Multi-purpose Center board.

4Appointed Kimble Carter and Ferrell Blair to five-year terms on the LaGrange Development Authority

4 Appointed Patrick Bowie and Bill Bullock to three-year terms on the LaGrange Gas Authority

4Appointed Jim Arrington, Quay Boddie, Leon Childs, Darby Pippin, Mark Mitchell, Tom Gore and Nathan Gaskin to the LaGrange Governmental Finance Corporation.

4Appointed Darby Pippin to a one-year term on the LaGrange Solid Waste Authority.

4Appointed Adam Johnson to a four-year term on the Tree Advisory Board.

4Appointed Nikki Franklin, Greg Hall and Katie Van Schoor to two-year terms on the Visit LaGrange Board.