Coronor’s Corner coming soon

Published 6:21 pm Friday, June 28, 2024

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Starting July 3, LDN will be running a special Public Service announcement once a week called, ‘Coroner’s Corner.’ Troup County Coroner Erin Hackley will be creating informational health and safety infographics that will run in the Wednesday edition of the LaGrange Daily News.

These graphics will run on Wednesday’s page 2. 

Every week the infographic will highlight a different issue or safety concern, from firework safety ahead of the July 4 holiday, to Fentanyl Awareness. Hackley said the initiative has been an idea she and the chief deputy coroner, Amy Sheppard, for a while. 

While Hackley couldn’t remember where they idea originally came from, she new there was a gap in safety information within the community. 

“There are a whole lot of people here in this town on the donor list, and there are a whole lot of families that we encountered that their loved ones have made themselves the organ donor on their license, but they’ve never discussed it with the families,” Hackley said. 

She continued, “I think that’s probably really where it all started, just some awareness. And then as we got to talking about it more, we’re like, ‘We could do that.’”

Hackley said the effort is meant to inform and hopeful help make for a safer community. She adds that if there is any input from the community on how to best get this information out, to feel free to call the Coroner’s Office.