Longtime employee takes over as owner of frame shop

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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The LaGrange-Troup Chamber of Commerce celebrated new ownership at Three Points Frame Shop with a ribbon cutting on Tuesday morning.

For new owner Pepper Hagebak, the day was three decades in the making. Hagebak is taking over the location from longtime owner Bobby Cammon. Hagebak said she and Cammon had been partners in the venture for several years and had been splitting the profit for several years. She said she went to work with him at the shop 32 years ago.

“I did not purchase it. There was no actual money transaction or anything, just I guess, equity from being here for so long,” Hagebak said.

Cammon had had the frame shop for 45 years, which originally started in the nearby Benjamin Moore Paint Store, which he also owned.

“The frame shop started in just this little tiny area there and has grown. We moved over here after I had been working for Bobby for about a year,” she said.

Hagebak said she started out putting together frames and after a couple of years started doing most of the design work. She says she does it all now.

“I’ve been lucky to do my favorite thing, which is helping customers when they come in,  meeting the public and helping them design frames. Only in the past couple of years have started cutting the molding, joining the molding and cutting mats,” she said.

Now that she’s the boss, things haven’t really changed that much.

“I am very lucky to have landed in maybe the only job that was perfect for me, so I never felt like I was a low man on the totem pole,” Hagebak said.

Hagebak said the shop has over 1000 moldings to choose from, which they cut to order and mat in-house, so all their frames are completely custom-made.

Three Points Frame Shop is located at 807 Hill Street in LaGrange.