A prayer for the community

LaGRANGE – Pastors from near and far gathered at Sweetland Amphitheatre early Saturday morning with one common prayer request: That the Lord guide the city and its officials down a good path.

Both pastors from local churches and pastors who were LaGrange natives but have relocated elsewhere gathered for the Prayer Walk, which took the small crowd from the amphitheater’s gates to LaFayette Square where the group prayed over the city.

“The Lord pressed upon my heart to do a 30-day prayer for LaGrange, and I did on Facebook, and we prayed for so many things,” said Monique Fikes of Transparent by Faith Ministries, who organized the walk. “We prayed for the mayor, for the citizens, prayed for the elderly and the community, prayed for the crime. (There are) just a lot of different things that we’ve been praying for, and after the 30 days… the Lord pressed upon my heart to – really strong upon my heart – do a prayer walk.”

Fikes is a LaGrange native and LaGrange High School graduate, however, she has lived outside of LaGrange for about 23 years, but when she began to contact locals to see if anyone was interested, the response was overwhelmingly positive, but Fikes wasn’t the only LaGrange native to make a special trip back to her hometown for the walk. One of the walk’s participants flew cross-country to take part in the walk and pray for the city’s leadership.

“It is just important in my heart, and we have to make sure that we have strong leadership, and (they know) that it is not about themselves,” said Elder Carlos Freeman, another LaGrange native who has since relocated to San Diego but flew out especially for the walk. “It is not about their own selfishness. It is about making sure they are there for the people. … Leadership is a servant’s heart and serving.”

Mayor Jim Thornton attended the walk and expressed his gratitude for the prayers and support of the people who attended the walk, and the community.

“We are a community who knows the power of prayer,” said Thornton. “We are a community who knows the power of coming together and uniting as children of God which is something that we all are, and something that we are very grateful for all the blessings that have been sent our way. … Thank you to those who are going to pray for us today as citizens and as a community because I’m top of the list. I need your prayers, and I am very thankful for them.”

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