City approve lease agreement on Promenade

LaGRANGE – The city of LaGrange approved a resolution to allow the mayor and city manager to execute lease and sublease agreements with the Callaway Foundation on Promenade West, which is the section with the parking lot behind Solomon’s and Charlie Joseph’s.

The Callaway Foundation owns some sections of the property and is leasing other sections from property owners.

“This is relating to the parking lot behind Bull Street that the Callaway Foundation just built,” said LaGrange City Manager Meg Kelsey. “They are requesting that the city take over maintenance of that.”

The city would not have to make any payment under the lease agreement, but would responsible for upkeep.

“This is kind of the standard thing where the foundation goes in and improves the parking lot, and for liability reasons and maintenance, they would like us to be in charge of it,” said Mayor Jim Thornton. “And it is publicly available parking.”

The council did discuss looking into repairing the gate by the dumpster in the lot that is often open.

The LaGrange City Council plans to meet again on Jan. 10 at 5:30 p.m. at 200 Ridley Ave.

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