Letter: Time for LaGrange’s middle class to speak out

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 5, 2015

Having been raised in Troup County, and having been in contact with the finest people LaGrange has ever known, I feel the time has come for LaGrange’s middle class citizens to have a voice in all the corruption that we face with our present so-called leaders.

We need Christian leaders that make decisions with their heads and not by influence of others, such as Mr. (Ricky) Wolfe and his followers. I was excited when Jim Thornton was elected to be our new mayor, and I truly believed he would be a man of courage and conviction. He has worked hard to involve ordinary people such as myself and I know first class he will listen.

We the people need to unite behind him to fix the problems that we face daily. Ellis Smith is one of the finest men in Troup County, and knows of what he speaks (referring to a letter to the editor than ran in Monday’s edition).

No, we cannot fix education overnight, but I have some excellent ideas to share with someone who cares. I have served on education committees and received an Apple Award for my service. I also have served on committees for controlled growth and watched a city prosper that was not afraid to step on some toes for the benefit of many and not just the good old boys.

I have tried to be appointed for voluntary positions, to be overlooked. Until we the people who elect our leaders make them accountable to us, we can expect exactly what we have and will always have a city and county run by the Good Old Boys.

It is time to grow LaGrange and do it responsibly, with roads and new shopping and schools and families who are proud to live here.

Thank You,

Mary S. Reese