Letter: Goose that laid the golden egg

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 8, 2015

Why would Georgia Power want to kill the goose that is laying those golden – though rotten – golden eggs?

Georgia citizens are paying for the construction of the Vogtle nuclear plants through CWIPs. In 2009 The Georgia Legislature passed legislation that required rate payers to be taxed 9 percent for this in their monthly power bill.

They are called CWIPs – construction while in progress. While our power needs have dropped the goose goes on laying those exquisite eggs. The initial $600 million ballooned to $9 billion and was parlayed into a $6.5 billion tax free loan from the US Treasury Department.

Our state mandated full risk protection and a guaranteed profit to Southern Company. So why would they wish to stop those golden eggs?

The legislature has the power to repeal this legislation and since this administration is very anxious to do some cost cutting; I think this boondoggle is a great place to start. We can then save the damage to the Savannah River and from the radioactive waste that will be stored at the site.

It is the responsibility of the Public Service Commission to oversee construction of all power plants. Despite cost overruns and delays – three years behind – that should glaringly attract their attention, they have not spoken up.

European countries have backed off nuclear power since the incredible devastation of Fukishima, Japan, and nuclear problems worldwide. There is, of all those planned here in the U.S. only one other left under construction, in Summer, S.C.

They too are experiencing the came cost overruns. The pressures on Vogtle are now mounting. Power usage is down and these atomic reactors are not needed!

Solar and wind are taking the center stage. We could be saved from great environmental destruction! The reactors still do not even have a water permit! Water availability is a sore subject.

These reactors routinely evaporate 100 million gallons per day. The GAO is doubtful that Vogtle 2 and 3 will ever be completed so why should we continue paying CWIPS? It is wrong!

Stop CWIPs and stop Vogtle!

Edna M. Foster