Witnesses: Woman possibly kidnapped off street

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 8, 2015

Witnesses reported a possible kidnapping about 2 a.m. Saturday in the 100 block of Daniel Street.

Two area residents told police they saw a woman walking toward Hines Street when a man inside an SUV that was parked in front of their home called out to her. The woman apparently ignored the man and kept walking, but the SUV went to follow her.

The woman turned on Hines Street, out of the residents’ view, and the SUV turned down Hines as well. It backed up then spun its tired, taking off back in the direction toward the woman. The residents said they heard a car door slam, and the SUV then sped back down Daniel Street.

The witnesses checked the area, but didn’t see the woman. Police checked the area for anyone matching the woman’s description or the SUV, but found nothing.

Man charged after firing bullets

A man faces charges of reckless conduct and discharging a firearm after he fired into the air near a vehicle Friday night outside Speedy Serve at 201 Whitesville St., according to LaGrange police.

The suspect allegedly got into an argument in the parking lot of the store with the mother of his child over custody matters. As she went to leave, she said he was standing next to her vehicle and her son said his father had a gun. The father then began firing.

The mother initially told officers the suspect fired at the vehicle, but detectives reviewed a surveillance video that showed him fire three shots into the air, according to police. The suspect faces misdemeanor charges of reckless conduct, discharging a firearm on private property and discharging a firearm within 150 yards of a street.

Police said the suspect already has outstanding warrants and was being sought.

Man cited after refusing to leave restaurant

A man was cited for public drunkenness, trespassing and resisting arrest about 1 a.m. Saturday after he was allegedly extremely intoxicated and refused to leave the Brickhouse Grille at 141 Main St.

Security at the restaurant told an officer that the patron was refusing to leave and he was “very large” – more than 300 pounds, according to the report. The officer said the man wouldn’t listen to him and at one point when other officers came to assist him, the officer said he got a “glimpse” of the suspect attempt to punch another officer, but he fell.

The suspect kept trying to pull away from officers, according to a report. Officers took the suspect to the hospital for his “extreme intoxication” and he was released.

The officer contacted the suspect later to issue citations against him and said the man apologized for his actions, and told the officer he would call the other officers to do the same.

2 women, man brawl outside apartment

A Mitchell Avenue man was arrested on two battery charges and a marijuana possession charge after a fight just after midnight Saturday.

The suspect got into an altercation with the mother of his child outside her apartment, grabbing her and pinning her to the ground, according to the victim and her roommate. The mother called for help and the roommate came out of the apartment and fought with the suspect, the two women told police.

The suspect claimed that he and the mother were arguing and the roommate came out and pushed him, and then he got into a fight with her. A detective interviewed all three and decided the suspect should be charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act for the alleged incident against the mother and battery for allegedly fighting with the friend.

While the suspect was being arrested, officers found suspected marijuana in his pocket, and charged him with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Ex allegedly steals woman’s phone

A woman told police her ex-boyfriend stole her phone, valued at $105, after she saw him knocking on her windows and peering inside her residence in the 200 block of Carver Street.

She was attempting to use her phone to type in the ex’s car tag number when he came up and knocked the phone out of her hand and took it. A neighbor confirmed the incident.

The suspect was believed to be heading to work in West Point and the reporting LaGrange officer wrote in his report that he had 911 contact the police department there to attempt to find the suspect, but was advised the West Point police wouldn’t assist. The LaGrange officer said the case was pending the victim seeking a warrant against the suspect.

Man faces drug charges after scuffle

D’Anthony Contrell Cotton, 26, whose address was unavailable, was charged with possession of MDMA – also known as Molly or ecstasy – along with tampering with evidence, abandonment of a dangerous drug and obstruction. Police allege Cotton struggled with an officer while he attempting to crush the suspected MDMA pills and dispose of them.