LaGrange woman flees home after domestic incident

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 11, 2015

A woman told police Wednesday that she ran from a home in the 100 block of Buck Murphy Road to the Stay Lodge at 1610 Whitesville St. after her boyfriend hit her several times at the home, but he followed her.

The victim said her boyfriend has been causing problems for several days and awoke her about 4 a.m. by hitting her in the legs, then knocked a door in the home off its hinges, threw a pillow at her and started hitting her again. When the boyfriend stopped and went into the bathroom, the woman said she crawled out a window and ran to the hotel, where her daughter was staying.

After arriving at the room, also occupied by the daughter’s friend and friend’s boyfriend, the woman said her boyfriend tracked her down. She hid in a bathroom, but the boyfriend allegedly dragged her out and the other occupants fought him and tried to pull him off the woman. He eventually left.

When police responded, the victim was upset, crying and nervous that the boyfriend was still lurking around, an officer reported. She also had bruises and marks on her consistent with her story.

Police went to the home and spoke with the boyfriend, who was crying and only admitted to throwing a pillow at the woman. He claimed he went to the hotel to check on the daughter, but was attacked by the other occupants. He blamed an imbalance of medication for his anger and acting out.

The boyfriend was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act.

Woman allegedly strangled in front of child

A woman said her boyfriend strangled her in front of her 9-year-old son Tuesday.

The woman told police the boyfriend began arguing with her and then grabbed her neck, strangling her in front of her son. The woman’s sister said she was outside when she heard her nephew scream and ran inside to see the two getting up from the floor. The boyfriend fled and the women called police.

A warrant was issued for the boyfriend on a charge of battery under the Family Violence Act.

Suspect tells police he found box containing suspected pot

A man was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession Wednesday on Harwell Avenue.

The suspect was riding his bicycle down the middle of Harwell Avenue about 12:36 a.m., the officer reported, and didn’t have any kind of headlights or reflectors. The officer stopped the man, who he said smelled of alcohol and allegedly admitted to drinking at a house on Brownwood Avenue prior.

The officer asked to search the man, who gave consent, then spontaneously told the officer that he found and kept a box near Callaway Stadium and didn’t know what was inside. In the man’s pocket, the officer found the box, which contained what he suspected was marijuana. The man was taken to the sheriff’s office to be processed and cited with the marijuana charge. The officer took the suspected pot to be tested.

Car returned damaged, smelling of weed

An employee of Nissan of LaGrange at 224 Commerce Ave. reported that a patron returned a rental vehicle to the lot with damage and it smelled like marijuana. An officer confirmed the damage and smell of pot, finding some traces of suspected marijuana in the carpet, which he said was too small to collect for evidence. The employee said the company would file a claim on the renter’s insurance.

Alleged shoplifters deny charges, say they didn’t make it out of store

Two women face shoplifting charges after they allegedly tried to take $269.56 worth of merchandise Wednesday from Walmart on New Franklin Road, but told police they shouldn’t be charged because they didn’t make it out of the store with the goods.

The two women allegedly tried to roll out two buggies of merchandise, but were stopped by staff as they tried to leave. The women left the buggies and walked to Burger King, where police detained them. When an officer spoke to them, they allegedly told him they didn’t believe they should be charged since they didn’t make it out of the store with the items.

The officer told them that their attempt warranted the charges.


• A resident of Sun Ridge Apartments, 1235 Hogansville Road, said a burglar pried open his storage unit and stole a welding machine valued at $1,000, hammer drill valued at $500, three sand grinders valued at $210 and a mini grinder valued at $400.

• A resident of the 200 block of McGregor Street reported that someone stole his black and red 1989 Chevrolet 1500 truck. The victim said he may have left the keys in the car.

Sexual assault

LaGrange police responded to West Georgia Medical Center early this morning after a report that a young boy had been sexually assaulted at a prior date. Police were investigating.