Reports: Thieves chased down after taking equipment

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 11, 2015

A crew cutting grass at the clock tower at Cypress Street chased down alleged thieves who took off with weed trimmers from their truck Tuesday afternoon.

The alleged thieves grabbed the weed eaters from a trailer and ran, but the crew members saw them chased one down in their truck, getting one of the trimmers back, but let the thief go. An officer found a juvenile on a bike in the area, who ran, but the officer caught him.

The juvenile eventually admitted to stealing the weed trimmer, according to an officer, and identified a possible other suspect. Officers went to the home of the other potential suspect, who denied taking the trimmer, but said he knew where it was.

He lead officers to the trimmer, claiming he saw someone throw it in the woods. The crew member declined to press charges because he got his equipment back.

Adult allegedly gives juvenile alcohol

An officer went to Los Nopales, 382 S. Davis Road, on Tuesday after a call that an adult was allowing a juvenile at her table to consume alcohol.

The officer had the juvenile who allegedly had been allowed to drink take a portable breath test, which showed no alcohol in his system. The adult was not charged, but she and the juvenile were issued a trespass warning from management to not return to the business.

Teen charged with fleeing collision

A 17 year old was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident Tuesday after allegedly rear-ending a vehicle in the parking lot of LaGrange High School on North Greenwood Street.

The driver of a Toyota Camry said she had to suddenly stop for traffic and a Jeep Liberty struck the rear bumper, causing slight damage, according to a report. The Camry’s driver pulled over, but the Jeep left. A witness said the Jeep fled to an apartment complex, where the driver got out and ran inside.

The teen driver of the Jeep told police she was scared and went home to her father. She was charged with following too closely and leaving the scene of an accident, and taken to Troup County Jail.


A woman was charged with shoplifting for allegedly trying to smuggle out about $177.91 in merchandise under potting soil bags from Home Depot off Lafayette Parkway.