Letter: Racial reconciliation plan can move LaGrange forward

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yes, we have a significant racial divide – a feeling of powerlessness, even hopelessness. Some black leaders have been cruelly sabotaged.

What I have heard is that they fear it will be an exercise for appearances’ sake only. Will the full truth be aired? Having a good cross section of the community, 160, and under the leadership of Ricky Wolfe and Carl Von Epps, this group should have a very good chance for success; I wish them well!

May this plan for reconciliation bring about the love among us that we profess in our churches, though separately. God bless Ricky and Carl, and the 160 chosen to make that happen.

I believe that the work of such a group can move our city forward and we can be assured that we will never be another Baltimore.

Edna M. Foster