Letter: Assault on flag, Southern symbols divisive move

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 26, 2015

Politicians black and white, current and former rail about the Confederate flag, which is a flag under which 350,000 Southern American men fought honorably and died when Lincoln illegally invaded their country.

The majority did not own slaves, in fact only 6 percent did and of those, there were free blacks who owned many slaves. The battle flag is the soldier’s flag, a Christian symbol of Saint Andrew, by the way, worthy of respect as a symbol against the tyranny of Abe Lincoln waging an unconstitutional war.

They want to blame the flag for murder, just like liberals want to blame guns for murder. That’s like blaming food for making me fat. Believe me, it will not be enough, nothing will ever be enough. The Confederate flag is not the problem in America; liberal Marxists are the problem and have been for over 150 years.

The American stars and stripes is the flag that flew on the slave trade ships from the Northern harbors. Will the American flag be the next symbol that they demand to be removed? What’s next, the Constitution?

Oh, I forgot, that’s just a piece of paper anyway, trashed by the courts. How about the Declaration of Independence? After all, it dares to mention that we are created by God. That offends the evolutionists.

The same people who are offended by the Confederate flag because it reminds them of slavery are the same ones who build slave museums with tax payer funds all over the country to remind themselves daily of slavery. It’s these same people who came up with African-Americans, the Congressional black caucus, Miss Black America, black people meet.com, Black Entertainment Tonight, African Methodist Church, black this, black that, along with fake holidays like Kwanzaa.

It’s irrational, but expected in a historically ignorant culture where hate, envy and division is taught to little children day after day in the federal indoctrination centers called public schools. Rational thought seems to be void in the minds of way too many. In fact, objective thought itself, is in short order.

We have become a country of “feelings” whipped up by liberals, like Ricky Wolfe locally going to the governments with his request for tax payer funds to “reate a racial divide where no real divide exist. There are problems in Troup County but there are institutions and laws to deal with them, but not much hope because of deceitful politicians.

I am insulted by the duplicitous statements of the tax commissioner, Gary Wood, who says on one hand “it’s not to show lack of compassion for the Sons of Confederates, nor disrespect,” but that is exactly what he has shown along with so many other elected officials. At this particular time in history, never has there been more need for American history to be taught and learned.

The ignorance is pervasive. We’ve been lied to for far too long. How about a change of all the street names in LaGrange, so rich in Confederate history. Someone might drive down them and be offended. How ridiculous!

What does a drug-induced, deranged, confessed capital murderer have to do with the history of the Confederacy??? Have you lost your ability of deductive reasoning? It appears you are not alone; the ignorance and idiocy is rampant among those who live on their emotions. The murderer was driving a Hyundai, maybe there should be a boycott.

He was wearing a Gold’s Gym shirt, should we stop our workouts?

This assault on Southerners, Southern symbols, Southern culture, my Southern ancestors is a divisive and misguided response to the horror of the capital murders in Charleston. It is a part of a rhetorical veil with a hidden agenda by those who wish to destroy this country economically and, along with it, our freedom and liberty from within, so that a one-world government is more acceptable.

Most people want to be left alone. Most people want to live and let live, love and associate with whom they choose, worship freely and appreciate the blessings of liberty. There are far too many who want to manage the lives of others, want to make more laws to control them, want to steal their stuff, want to deny them their God-given right of self-protection, their right to worship as they please, deny them their free expression and free association. There is nothing new under the sun.

This has been the course of history. As I have written before, in Christ Jesus we are the same spiritually, but in no other status are we the same. Even among believers, Satan divides with his doctrine of demons, fooling even the elect with his human good ideas to whitewash the devil’s world. The volition of individuals gets in the way of the liberal’s ambitions but they will never learn.

The foolishness of liberal ideas has invaded every major institution where no alternative ideas are allowed. If any are espoused they are immediately shut down by name calling.

Only the brave and courageous, whom are few, are willing to stand. After a while, why should anyone care? We have today a Supreme Court decision that destroyed statutory law and coming down the pike will be another that destroys common law redefining marriage. Perhaps then the homosexual “rainbow” flag will be lifted high and someone will write a new pledge.

America is really being turned into a Hell hole as is described in Ann Coulter’s new book, “Adios America.” Never the less, we persevere with truth on our side, appreciating God’s grace provisions for recovery personally and holding up the standard, His word, which lives and abides forever and is powerful and eternally sharper than any two edged sword.


Ellen Gilmore

West Point