Letter: LaGrange not that racially divided

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 29, 2015

Dear Editor,

One word: UNBELIEVABLE, for the LaGrange City Council to sit on their throne of glory and compare the citizens of LaGrange to the thugs that were imported to Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore. I would rather like to believe we would be more like the citizens of Charleston, South Carolina, where their FAITH and love for their fellow man looked beyond the crazed, radical drug head that took nine innocent lives of everyday citizens who were joined together to share their faith, the same faith that held the Charleston community together.

Personally, I think for Ricky Wolf and Carl Von Epps – both former civil servants – to do their saber rattling for the sole purpose of inciting unrest already in an unsure city council, is beyond belief of anyone who lives in LaGrange. According to Mr. Wolfe, Mr. Epps and the LaGrange City Council, we need to trade our bumper stickers that read “LaGrange, America’s Greatest Little City” to “Beware LaGrange, racial divide alive and growing, Enter at Own Risk.”

Time for a question here – how many on the council have ever seen racial divide? Who among you are even old enough to have witnessed prejudice to the ultimate degree? I don’t mean where you don’t get your way, or get angry and spout out a racial slur.

I’ll go on a limb here – you have no idea. All you know is what you’ve see on TV. The ’60s were 55 years ago, that is a couple of generations ago. How dare any of you to want to dwell on this.

What I think you need to do is step out of your offices, walk around LaGrange and look around at the people you supposedly represent. We the little people are working together, eating in the same restaurants, sitting in the same drive through, worshipping together and, Hell’s bells, in Thursday’s LaGrange Daily News: one black male, one white male caught breaking in a house, so we’re even stealing together.

Mr. Epps, you said you would have your naysayers, well put me in that column, reason being I have more faith in the citizens of LaGrange than has been on display out of City Hall. Like I said, UNBELIEVABLE.

To Councilman Nick Woodson, I want to say good for you – you sir, were honest enough to say you weren’t aware of this program, and being the only one to admit it, and taking your responsibly being the steward of the taxpayers money, voted against this. I, for one, give you a thumbs up, sir.

This program like the one Mr. Wolfe brought back to Troup County in April of 2012 that needed 140,000 taxpayer dollars, and it too was a program of volunteers,

Now he wants $150,000, mostly taxpayer monies, for another volunteer program – $5,000 more than the City Council budgeted to Mr. Lou Dekmar, LaGrange Public Safety Chief – $150,000 to teach love and tolerance. In the AT&T real yellow pages I counted 141 churches in the LaGrange area. Call me old fashion but I think that is one of their main topics. And the good thing about it, they are already on the job and don’t have to wait 18 months.

One more question: where do the Koreans, Latinos and Indian citizens stand in this racial divide?

Mike Moses