Police: West Point, LaGrange men charged after fight involving tire iron

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 29, 2015




Two men face battery and aggravated assault charges after a fight where one of them allegedly struck two people with a tire iron shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday in the 100 block of Sage Commercial Drive. The two victims suffered lacerations on their heads, LaGrange police reported, and were taken to West Georgia Medical Center, where they were treated and released. Police said one suspect, identified as Jabari Watson, 25, of LaGrange, and one of the victims allegedly got into an argument that escalated to a fight. During the fight, the second suspect, identified by police as Ron Morgan, 26, of West Point, allegedly used a tire iron to hit both victims in the head. Police said both suspects left the scene, but officer located them shortly after responding to the call. Morgan and Watson were taken to Troup County Jail. Woman faces meth charges after shoplifting accusation A woman accused of shoplifting at Walmart on New Franklin Road faces more charges after a LaGrange police officer said she found suspected methamphetamine in the woman’s purse Friday. Walmart officials contacted police after noting a woman was inside the store who they believed had shoplifted in January, and appeared to have taken an item and put it in her purse. As the woman – identified by police as Amy Sue Cook, 26, whose address wasn’t available – was leaving, the officer and the store employees asked her to come with them to an office, where they questioned her about the previous incident and asked to see her purse. Cook initially denied taking anything, but eventually pulled out a makeup item valued at $10.50, according to an officer’s report, claiming it must have fallen into her purse. The officer arrested Cook on a shoplifting charge and searched the purse, where she found a bag “containing a large amount of meth” along with a “large amount” of cash, the officer reported. The officer called the LaGrange Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit, which handles drug cases. They weighed the suspected meth at 27 grams and charged Cook with possession of meth with intent to distribute. An SIU sergeant took the alleged meth and money and placed them into property and evidence. Cook was taken to Troup County Jail. Pot smell leads officer to pull over car, 1 charged A man was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession Friday evening after an officer said he could smell pot from a vehicle while driving behind it on North Greenwood Street. The reporting officer said the vehicle also swerved across the center line of the road and he stopped the car across from LaGrange High School. The officer said that when he went up to the car, he smelled a scented spray that he suspected was used to cover up the marijuana smell. The officer asked to search the car, but the driver refused. The officer questioned the occupants, including a passenger who allegedly gave the officer a fake name. The officer determined the passenger’s identity and that he had warrants for his arrest. The officer arrested the passenger for the warrants and called out a K-9 officer. A police dog allegedly alerted officers to something inside the vehicle, so officers searched it and found a small bag of suspected marijuana inside a soft drink can underneath a seat. The suspect in custody for the warrants allegedly claimed ownership of the suspected weed and was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was taken to Troup County Jail. Police chase man who allegedly stole ice cream Police chased a 33-year-old man through the woods after he allegedly ran from a gas station on Lafayette Parkway without paying for ice cream Saturday afternoon. An employee at Circle K at 1503 Lafayette Parkway said the suspect came inside and concealed ice cream in a mug and left. According to a LaGrange police report, a Troup County sheriff’s deputy chased the suspect, who dropped the mug and ice cream and fled into nearby woods. The suspect also had outstanding warrants. Law enforcement tracked the alleged shoplifter behind Old Pathway Baptist Church at 350 S. Davis Road and then chased him to the 200 block of Marchman Drive, where the suspect climbed a tree. After officers warned him to come out, the man eventually turned himself over to officers and was arrested on misdemeanor charges of shoplifting and obstruction. He was taken to Troup County Jail.

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