Letter: Not staying silent on Confederate flag

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I will not “slip into a comfortable silence” in defense and respect for my ancestors who fought honorably for the Confederacy. Mr. Glenn Dowell writes (in the two-part column “Confederate flag continues controversial legacy” part 1 and part 2 in the Weekend and Monday editions), “It seems as if the Confederate flag is rearing its controversial head again.” Hardly, Mr. Dowell, for the flag does not have a head to rear, and only cultural Marxists and politicians with ulterior motives of lusts for power say it’s “controversial” as they jump on the Southern flag-bashing bandwagon to exploit the emotion of the time. A “piece of cloth,” Mr. Dowell, when truth of its symbol and purpose is known factually, could go a long way to help the ignorant and fearful understand its genuine significance. I will never be ashamed of the symbols of the Confederate dead who served their country honorably. My knowledge of American history provides me with a frame of reference from which I draw my understanding of those issues, which were the issues of the 1800s. Ignorance will not be excused or go unanswered in the face of the ongoing accusations of bigotry and racism directed toward me and other Southern Americans, which includes whites and some blacks. I fail to see any coherent reason for Mr. Dowell’s introducing Germany and Hitler’s flag into his article, for there is no comparison whatsoever unless he wants to include Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” published in 1847, which is detestable and the antithesis of American freedom and liberty, along with self-government. Karl Marx fully understood the reason for Lincoln’s war. He stated that it was fought for “Northern lust for sovereignty.” Lincoln made a speech as a freshman Congressman from Illinois in support of the communist revolutions across Europe inspired by Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.” Also, as another note of history, if one wants to bring Germany into a discussion to trash the South, Mr. Dowell could inform us about the Frankfurt School established in 1923, inspired by Georg Lukacs, who is the author of “political correctness” or what is aptly described as “cultural Marxism,” which is the basis for the instigation of racism, sexism and other divisive “isms” in the form of “multiculturalism” in our modern era. This evil ideology from Germany came with the professors of the Frankfurt School to New York and they set up their wicked institution. What is happening today has been planned, instigated and propagated by Marxist professors all over the U.S. right out of the Frankfurt School in various forms such as “Studies in Prejudice” through psychological conditioning. It is now pervasive. I wonder if it’s in some curriculum at LaGrange College? I pity those who do not read for they are no better off than those who can’t. People would do themselves and their posterity well to begin their own education and reject the government indoctrination that keeps them enslaved in their minds. They could escape the exploitation by the race provocateurs, those who use them to further a Socialist agenda. The great pretenders, liberal elite do-gooders who treat blacks as mascots for their special interest agendas, are to be called out as the hypocrites they are. They actually just want their votes. Fortunately, not all fall for it. This latest attack on all things Southern is just another divisive tool in their arsenal. How discriminatory to deny Southerners their heroes and memorials. Think! What kind of “equality” is that? It isn’t, of course. It’s not even equal opportunity in the public square. It’s discrimination pure and simple. That’s why this issue will never go away. I contend that if every memorial, statue and flags of the Confederacy were eradicated, “these people” will not be satisfied, because for the cultural Marxists it’s useful in implementing social depravity and dependence on government and for some it’s just payback time. The liberals like to use “generational” in their various descriptions. I think it appropriate to use here. I believe “generational” resentment, envy, bitterness and implacability in the minds of those taught that they were exploited by white “Southerners” – which is a lie – can only lead to continued deterioration of the culture. Who came up with “slavery” as the national sin? When did it begin? Are American blacks the only people ever to be enslaved? Were there whites enslaved? Where did the slaves come from? How did they become slaves? The Southerners did not go to Africa and bring them here. Who first sold them? From where did the slave ships originate? Hint! New England, that’s in the North. Would it make a difference to any of you who have been lied to for years and years to know the truth about your history? Hitler’s Third Reich along with Stalin proved the best way to kill millions of innocents is to lie to them. That’s what Hitler did. His idea was to tell a big lie and tell it over and over again. That is what has occurred for over 150 years. Lincoln lied, and 650,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died along with Constitutional law. The only good that came from it was the 13th amendment. However, the continued evil is the illegally ratified 14th amendment. It is now the source of the subjective whims of justices. It can well be called the “make it up as you go along amendment.” Biblical truth sets one free spiritually when you believe it, but you have to read it, know it, have it communicated to you. Historical truth sets one free mentally and physically to apply spiritual truth. What if everything the Yankee liberal, cultural Marxists have been teaching you are lies? What if you actually did your research? What if you read history, law and not fiction, biographies of your heroes and actual historical documents? What if you had an interest in truth, do you think it would make a difference in your perspective? Would you be able to discern when you’re being lied to or deceived by smooth sounding politics of expediency and irrational emotional sophistry? The historical down trends are not encouraging. Unreconstructed, Ellen Gilmore West Point