Husband arrested after altercation

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 4, 2015

A 46-year-old Fannin Court man was arrested on battery charges under the Family Violence Act on Friday for allegedly attacking his wife at their home.

The argument allegedly began when the two started discussing a previous instance of the man’s infidelity. A verbal argument escalated and the man reportedly left the room, returning with a Bible and talking about anointing the woman with oil, a police report said.

The victim reportedly attempted to leave the residence, but the man stopped her and attacked her, dragging her through the residence and pulling her hair out. The woman was eventually able to call 911, at which point the man allegedly cleaned up the evidence of the altercation before police could arrive.

After speaking with both parties and reviewing physical evidence, police determined the husband was the primary aggressor in the incident, arrested him and took him to the Troup County Jail for booking.

No arrest after fight reported

Police were called to a report of a fight Friday morning around 3:20 a.m. on Snelson Street.

When they arrived, one of the complainants told police she and another woman were arguing and the fight became physical when the other woman struck her in the face. The woman told police she and the other person had been drinking prior to the incident.

The officer spoke with the other woman, who denied the allegations. When the officer returned to speak to the first woman, she was gone.

No charges were pressed, but one of the women was issued a victims’ right pamphlet.