Letter: The assault continues on freedom

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 11, 2015

The victories of the cultural Marxists to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the Confederate monument in Columbia, S.C., honoring 12,922 Southern soldiers will give only short-lived happiness for these Southern heritage haters and annihilators.

The lack of common sense with their misdirected target, the Confederate Flag and all things Southern, along with the ingrained hatred expressed by these so-called elected officials and others are to be pitied for such absurdity and desecration of the graves of dead soldiers.

Of course, truth and facts have never mattered to these “totalitarians,” neither led by the tyrant Lincoln in the 1860s, nor the “Lincolnites” and “Demoncrats” in modern day politics. Those of us who oppose this ideology of total government are the real targets.

Granted, our numbers may not be numerous, but neither were they in 1861. My ancestors were outnumbered three to one when their state was illegally invaded by the Union army that had no constitutional authority to kill anyone.

The Christian kindness and integrity of our Confederate generals contributed to our battle field defeat, but in the long run our Southern Christian spirit enabled a defeated people to rise above the defeat and repeated abuses. The women who lost their sons, their husbands, their homes, in some cases everything, were determined to honor their dead by raising private funds for the many memorials, monument works of art, to honor their brave family members.

They courageously recalled their bravery and sacrifice in the face of one unconstitutional decision after another by Lincoln, his armies and later the radical Republicans in Congress . The actions taken by South Carolina government officials, along with the race hustlers, are nothing short of pathetic.

The federal government, Yankees, scalawags, carpetbaggers and secular humanists continue to lie about the South, claiming some kind of moral high ground to support Northern slave trading superiority, which reeks with hypocrisy.

The colonists said no to King George III in 1776. The Confederate States said no in 1861 to an all-powerful, central government violating the constitutional law, which established the Republic of the United States of the Union.

America was founded on the truth that our rights come from God, granted directly to the people, not from government and that the law was king. Of course this concept no longer exists in the thoughts of far too many because history is written and enforced by the victor.

The Federal Empire cannot exist apart from the following false assumptions.

The false assumptions are:

1) We the people do not have the right to live under a government of our choosing, a government founded on the consent of the governed.

2) The Northern majority, expressed in the acts of the federal congress, federal supreme court rulings and presidential executive orders have a right to dictate to the minority.

3) Governments at all levels have a right to unleash the decisions of the “whims of men” for economic and political control over the minority.

4) The South is a second-class economy.

5) It’s morally and ethically acceptable to tax Southerners to use the funds to propagandize, under the guise of education, that which is repugnant as far as the Southern tax payer is concerned.

6) It is permissible to use these government indoctrination centers, called public schools, to reward the politically correct leftest while punishing anyone who disagrees with them.

As long as there is a person alive to question the false assumptions, the politically correct, cultural Marxists cannot be happy no matter their victories. Nothing will ever be enough for them. Nothing!

“These people” – that’s what General Lee called them – know the truth, and if the truth gets out, their “Empire” will be in danger. The “Empire’s” ruling class want to insure their perks, privileges and power so they will continue their assault, but with no lasting happiness.

They have no shame, no reason and no meaning in their lives and have demeaned the memories of the nine Christian people murdered in Charleston, South Carolina.

A wrong thing, done in the wrong way, at the wrong time, with the wrong motive is always wrong.

The S.C. legislature did a wrong thing. It allowed itself to be emotionally blackmailed by Gov. (Nikki) Haley, more than likely pressured by the NAACP, and liberal/leftists for political expediency.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Those who will not fight for the graves of their ancestors are beyond redemption.”


Ellen Gilmore

West Point