Letter: More wasted taxpayers dollars

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ricky Wolfe will be bringing his “snake oil” sales pitch to the Troup County Boards of Commissioners work session this coming Friday at 9 a.m, the 17th of July. I’m sure he would not be performing his “dog and pony show” without knowing he already has the three votes needed to approve the handout of thousands of dollars from the hardworking taxpayers of Troup County.

We were told during budget hearings it was necessary to cutback departments, in order to give much needed raises to government employees; many well-deserved. Both the commissioners and the school board raised our taxes, now enters Ricky Wolfe, with his outstretched hand dipping into government funds we were told were short for essential, necessary services.

Tax dollars should not be wasted on subjective emotional appeals, promoting what is called “a conversation” to discuss what does not exist – a “racial divide.” Any “divide” is not “racial,” but is between thinking people who object to those who promote a cultural Marxist agenda of political correctness that knows no creed or color.

It has little to do with race but more to do with those who use “race” for political and economic expediency and power over others. We’ve seen this for over 150 years, in our face of late.

Does Ricky and company want to discuss cultural Marxism and it’s influence? Ricky said it was “spiritual.” Well, I think almighty God is in the “spiritual” business and He is more than willing to aid in the “conversation” if people care to listen to what He has to say, and it doesn’t cost anything. People of good will do not need another liberal “program.”

Will the commissioners fall for the “silver tongue” emotionalism of this phony hypocritical appeal from Ricky Wolfe, who told the LaGrange City Council that he could raise the money he wants from private contributors. Why doesn’t he?

Commission Chairman Patrick Crews; Dan McAlexander, president of LaGrange College, and Drew Ferguson, mayor of West Point, were among the individuals who contributed to Wolfe and Lukken’s independent smear committee, Citizens for the Future of Troup County. These liberals have no trouble raising money.

It’s interesting that Ricky, as commission chairman at that time, headed up that lying endeavor without making it public. How can these people be trusted? How can thinking people believe a word they say? Oh, I forgot, all that matters to liberals is their “good intentions.”

Ricky’s public “race hustling” proposal reads like nothing more than an invoice for elitist consultants, their hotel expenses, and administrative costs, with no actual information as to what is supposed to be accomplished by a “conversation,” which will be more like a Marxist monologue. Nevertheless, the show will go on at taxpayer’s expense.


Ellen Gilmore

West Point