Letter: Treason is not patriotism

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Dear Editor:

The slow and steady progress of our civilization recognizes that governmental discrimination is unconstitutional because the right to discriminate is wrong.

Ellen Gilmore thinks government action to reduce discrimination by removing racist symbols from government property is an assault on her freedom, and she continues to confuse her passion for the traitorous old South with patriotism. Modern constitutional democracies should fly no symbol of slavery and racism, not the swastika and not the rebel battle flag.

Removing the rebel flag from public property does not interfere with Mrs. Gilmore’s right to fly any hateful flag she wants on her own property. However, at the risk of appearing to be a carpet bagging scalawag, this half-Yankee, secular humanist wonders if Ellen Gilmore understands that treason is not patriotism.

Mike Smith