Elderly woman’s money allegedly stolen

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 14, 2015

Public Safety Reports

By Melanie Ruberti



An elderly woman had more than $15,000 stolen out of her banking account and the alleged thief may be a relative.

LaGrange police were called out to speak with a supervisor and a woman who resides at the Twin Fountains Nursing Home on Hogansville Road on Thursday.

According to the supervisor of the nursing home, the facility had not received any sort of payment from her since she arrived in February.

She told police she called the elderly woman’s next of kin, her grandson, but he was not cooperative. The supervisor stated she then had an employee drive the woman to the bank to obtain bank statements. There they learned the senior citizen’s account was overdrawn by $446.

The supervisor told police she inspected the elderly woman’s bank records and based on her calculations, she should have a minimum of $15,000 in the bank. According to the supervisor, they learned the elderly woman has had no access to her bank account for the past seven months.

The elderly woman told police she recalled her grandson admitted to taking her debit card, driver’s license and social security card from her purse. But she told the officer she never actually saw him do it. She said her grandson sent her into the nursing home against her wishes shortly thereafter.

Police said when they inspected the bank statements, they noticed a pattern of withdrawals from ATMs in the Hogansville area from February to May.

Since the thefts occurred in Hogansville, the case was passed to Hogansville Police Department for investigation.

Man found with possible overdose

A man ended up at West Georgia Medical Center uncertain of how he got there, why he was bleeding or why a box with a small bag of pills allegedly was found on him.

LaGrange police were called out to the hospital to check on the man Thursday around 8:30 p.m. A nurse told the officer the patient was brought in unresponsive. Later, when the man was feeling better, he tried to smoke a cigarette. The nurse told him to put it out and he handed her his cigarettes and the cigarette box contained suspected Xanax pills, according to a police report.

The officer said the patient was heavily medicated when he tried to question him and could not tell police who called 911, where the pills came from, why he was bleeding, how he got to the hospital or even what day it was.

Police investigated further and learned the patient had no outstanding warrants. The reporting officer also noted that the pills had changed hands at the hospital several times and since the man had no memory of them, there was a lack of evidence to prove they belonged to him.

According to the report, the man was treated and released.

All information in this report is gathered from official law enforcement and public safety reports and releases. It is the policy of the Daily News to list the names of people charged with felonies.

Melanie Ruberti is a reporter at LaGrange Daily News. She may be reached at 706-884-7311, ext. 2156.